Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Spotless Teenager

The estate is located in the town of Bacharach in the Mittelrhein wine-growing region in Germany. It was founded in 1982 by Dr. Randolf Kauer and Martina Kauer. The vineyard area totals slightly more than three hectares, mostly on steep slopes, spread over the communes Bacharach (Kloster Fürstental, Wolfshöhle), Oberdiebach (Fürstenberg), Oberwesel (Oelsberg) and Urbar (Beulsberg).
Kauer Oberweseler Oelsberg
Riesling Spätlese trocken 2007

Mittelrhein, Germany

Ah ha...this is more like it..and what I had hoped for with the vintage.
Aromas of apricots and juicy apples..lazy, hazy citrus fruits..minerals and some intensity.....smells
like a winner. More apricots on the palate, some peach..real lively easy to accept with that whole bowl of fruit covering it. Herbs and a gentle sweetness tie this one up..and the 13% alcohol you just never notice. A teenager without spots that will develope into a tasty young lady! Roll on the next one...
Points 17.25 € 13


Unknown said...

On your recommendation, I picked up one of these, in Bacharach, last year. Opened it for a New Year's Eve dinner and it was fantastic. Probably should have kept it a while longer, but I couldn't resist trying it.

Barry said...

Hi Darryl...
Maybe I should continue with this stuff...once in a while I know a good thing (smile)

Glad you liked it...