Monday, June 09, 2008

Short-Sighted Spätburgunder Drinkers

Home made gnocchis in gorgonzola sauce. One of my favourite dishes...but can so often disappoint in restaurants. The secrets are:
1. Fresh Gorgonzola ( not some old piece you want to use up)
2. don't overdo it..the cheese should be
part of the dish..not THE dish.
The wine chosen I have tried a couple of times...and didn't make previous notes as the situations were not ideal (visitors, telephone etc). I wanted to be fair to the wine..and to myself!

I find the Spätburgunder wines of the Pfalz a little more austere than other areas...Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot are both grown succesfully here..and I usually get that 'dryer' feeling.

Marcus Schneider Spätburgunder M 2005
Pfalz, Germany
Made of Pinot grapes harvested from 2 different terroirs....
A gentle restrained softness at first..which gradually do many from this wonderful vintage. Dark cherries appeared....and the fluffy first taste filled out to show a full-bodied wine..some tannins..but the wine is more open than I remember from the previous 2 bottles..some spicy oak and vanilla traces...and for the price ( about 16,-- Euros)..this is excellent value
Points 17
Recent tastings notes of mine of Spätburgunders wines from the mid-range have hopefully & finally put to bed the criticism that many aimed at this category. Growers are now producing 'basic' wines to compliment the top range..which, to me, are still better value than anywhere in the world!
Compare the label here to the Zalwander wine...are growers appealing to short-sighted drinkers!

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