Saturday, February 03, 2018

Casamia, Bristol

Not writing too much on the blog does not mean I have not been enjoying food and drink. ...but my most memorable meal in 2017 was in the U.K. A recent trip to England to see my mum was preceded by a visit to Bristol to meet up with old friends. I stayed with Peter and we spent our days playing snooker...and trying to eat well in the evenings. I had planned a few eateries.
One was Casamia...tried to book 3 weeks before my trip...and spoke to Roman a few times...and finally we found a date which suited. No way to bring my own wine...but he sent me an email with the wine list...and hurrah...they have a Coravin...and enough fine wines per glass to satisfy this wine buff. Nine tables in the able to accommodate about 30 and only the tasting menu...12 courses...would Pete and myself manage this at our age?
Situated down by the Harbour...we found a parking space just round the corner
We arrived punctually and were immediately impressed with the welcome....and the service was superb the whole evening.
Our menu was:
Parmesan tartlet - great start
Carabineros, seaweed - beautifully presented, left you wanting more
Scallop, pomelo - the zing of the pomelo worked perfectly with the scallop
Winter salad - lovely
Beetroot risotto - this was exceptional 
Brown trout, crab - very good
Lemon sole, sabayon - even better
Duck: part one - break the yoke before you eat we were advised
Duck: part two - perfect
Passion Fruit tarragon - could have eaten more
Variations of rhubarb - clever and beautifully presented
Turkish delight - melted in the mouth 
Mushroom fudge - very clever

Don't query the price of the tasting menu...this was 2 star quality...they only have one star I think...breathtaking flavors...each course with a short description from a member of staff or the kitchen. I have been to all the fine restaurants in 40 years of dining...this was memorable. If I lived near Bristol again...this would be a 'must' visit once a month.
The Coravin choices...
Bründlmayer Zöbinger Heiligenstein
Riesling Alte Reben 2002
Kamptal, Austria

Fine yellow/ green...still all there. Trace of petrol on the nose...elegant ripe apples. Perfect mix of slaty minerals and fine acidity. A lovely mouthful and at 15 years old a real surprise.
Points 17.5
The white Burgundy I had been looking forward to...
Domaine Jean-Michel Gaunoux

Meursault Les Perrières 2007
Burgundy, France
This was fine, although not the gem I thought it would be. A little tired but the food was taking center stage.
Points 16.5

The red wine was superb...

Father John Oehlman Vineyard
Reserve Pinot Noir 2013
Russian River, U.S.A.
Sexy aromas of cherries, spice and raspberry preserves. Very elegant, but highly flavorful. A cherry-driven core of vibrant fruit framed by silky tannins, integrated acidity, and finishing with plenty of cherry goodness.
Points 18.5

I had a 'rapport' with Roman. Although this is a top restaurant...most customers will take a simple bottle...or the menu with a fine wine selection. It was obvious that he enjoyed a customer who was a wine freak...talking about wine. Although I headed for a Zind-Humbrecht Pinot Gris 2008 for the dessert....he said a sweet wine from Australia a...Chateau Tahbilk...would be a perfect partner...and it was. The 4 hours flew by...and we headed home in a gastronomic trance...Pete was driving...and had been a good boy and only had a couple of glasses.
Every single member of staff knew how to deliver the best quality of service and nothing was too much 
Every course is lovingly prepared in an open kitchen right next to the diners. Chefs brought their dishes to the table: each was immaculately prepared and executed.
I was reminded to post I am off to England again in March...and have already booked again.

Watch this space...