Monday, July 27, 2015

Edi And The Gang

Back in the early part of the last century there was a comedian, dancer actor called Eddie Cantor.The spelling is completely different...but the name attracted me.

Edi Kante La Bora di Kante Chardonnay 2006
Friaul, Italy 
Delightful creamy texture...nutty...fresh acidity...lovely balance to this wine...and opened up well in large glass. Almost forgot....smell good as well. Oak not too dominant...very pure. Aged for 24 months in old barrels then aged in bottle 5 years before release.
Points 17.25

Ziereisen Gutedel Steingrüble 2012
Baden, Germany

After the '10 hoch 4' 2012...this is a step down of course...but then again...costs only a 10th of the big brother. Salty, a touch bitter...not negative...pears...loads of chunky minerals and some citrus fruit. A little young maybe....but already giving good value.
Points 16

Wittmann Riesling Kirchspiel GG 2012
Rheinhessen, Germany
'Kindermord' you could say...but I am on Wittmann trip.
Citrus dominant...mandarine fruit...really lively acidity. Waxy...bitter-sweet finish.
Points 17.5

    Riesling, Roter And A Red

    Daughter number 3 had a birthday...and she wanted the family to go to our favourite Thai restaurant. She is not a wine drinker...nor is daughter number 2. Daughter number 1 is...and she had made it after having had an operation 2 days before. Her husband makes up the Vino-Trio.
    I packed the two whites in all that was cold...and as a bonus...a red. With the hot weather red would not have been the correct choice...but we have a cooling period at the moment. The food was gorgeous...and I had a starter of Lab Gai. Dangerously begs for a Riesling. I knew the Gaisberg would not be as good as the recent Heiligenstein...but was pleasantly surprised.

    Hirsch Riesling Gaisberg 2009
    Wachau, Austria
    Flat is not the correct description...just that is not as lively as it's brother. 
    It was still a delight though..
    Points 16.75

    Wine number two has a story. My first try had been at a local wine Bistro a year ago...where I had taken a bottle along. It had impressed all who had a sip. I decided to purchase 6 bottles...but the delivery turned out to be twelve. Over the last year it has been the 'present' whenever we were guests at friends. The feedback had been very positive. Now...with 3 bottles left it was time to try it again.
    Josef Fritz Roter Veltliner Steinberg Privat 2012
    Wagram, Austria
    The nose has changed...the full fruit instant crowd-pleaser has become a delicate ripe aroma of almonds and honey. Thrilling minerals and a match for my Thai red curry. What a winner. The owner was offered a glass as he is very fair when I take my own wines. He beamed his Thai smile. The other two bottles will not be 'presented' unless of course they open them with me present.
    Points 17.5

    With the curry still available...we tried the Pinot Noir. With the food in mind...I had opted for a softer style...tannins do not harmonise with spices.

    Schubert Pinot Noir Marion’s Vineyard 2010
    Martinborough, New Zealand

    Only a trace of spiky strawberries...otherwise soft, rounded, creamy and silky. Maybe a touch too much....a zip of anger would make this a very good wine...nevertheless...not to be sneezed at.
    Points 17


    The Clarity Of Wittmann

      Wittmann Riesling Aulerde GG 2009
      Rheinhessen, Germany
      A 3 bottle offer on Ebay. Drank over a couple of days using the Corovin as there were other wines that needed attention also. This one slipped down beautifully. Easy to taste...all components in harmony. Apples....juicy ones. You may wish for more fruit and less acidity...or vice versa...depending on your love of Riesling...but sometimes it just seems to be exactly what you want on the gorgeous summer evenings. Wittmann's Morstein and Brunnenhauhäuschen would have still been hard work...but Aulerde...simpler, without expecting too perfect now. 
      There is clarity in Wittmann Riesling...and I enjoy them.
      Points 17.25

    Sunday, July 26, 2015

    M Is For Marvelous

    A cooling summer evening and we sat outside at our local Bistro.
    Our guests were Flo, Christiane, Lisa and Merle( my Godchild )
    Food delicious...

    Seafood Salad

    Merle's Favourite

    Two whites from the land of many treasures.

    First up...a wine I saw was still one reason to open the final one from the cellar.
    Hirsch Riesling Zöbinger Heiligenstein 2009
    Wachau, Austria

    Trace of honey...but no way fat. The veins of youth no longer it's style. Now rounded....soft...even a touch un-riesling like. Palate of yellow apples...minerals of just have to enjoy begs you. Good length and good wine.
    Points 17.5

    F. X. Pichler Grüner Veltliner M 2005
    Wachau, Austria

    A recent purchase from Ebay.
    June is always a good month for 'bargains'  € 60,--
    I always wonder why such great wine is no longer wanted.
    Great! Did I say great? Well for me...certainly a memorable one.
    Just the nose leaves you wide-eyed. Nuts and almonds...fresh bread...honeyed. You worry that the rest will not comply...but dear readers...worry no more. Creamy texture...heaps of fruit...spice and pepper...the usual dose of minerals. Complex and pretty wonderful. Flo had tried the 2010 vintage recently...much too I was glad to share this 10 year at a perfect time. Will hold for many years.
    Now...where do I find another bottle? 
    Points 18.75

    Thursday, July 02, 2015

    The Return of the Trio weather...and what a hot!. I am not complaining...but as usual...others are.
    Our monthly meeting at Schaab Louis and I had reserved a table in the the garden.
    Those who did not...suffered.
    Robert happiliy agreed to let us try his wine first...I was also happy to be I knew Volker would have a ripe Riesling...and we learn by our mistakes.

    Familia Nin Ortiz Selma de Nin 2012
    Catalonia / Spain

    After the first whiff from the glass...I knew I had competition.
    This is a mix of Rousanne, Marsanne and Chenin Blanc.
    Smokey, creamy just have to go back again and again.
    Citrus and lime tones...and with airing there were traces of marzipan.
    It reminded me of a Grüner Veltliner. The palate throws up a zingy minerality...which you thank it after the smell you do not want a fruit-cake. Complex and a very good finish make this a real eye-opener.

    Very good indeed.
    Points 18

    Ziereisen Gutedel 10 Hoch 4 2011
    Baden, Germany

    I have had this 3 times...and look forward to drinking it at my holiday haunt.
    A while ago I had a frenzy maybe...a bottle from a merchant.

    It is not cheap....but as it had arrived...what better way to empty it than with good wine friends.
    Opened 4 hours before drinking...and served in a large Burgundy glass.
    Close your eyes and you are in Burgundy. Nutty oak...seductive...layed-back style...intense minerality...memories of Puligny Montrachet. 

    The guys gave up guessing what it was...but I can hardly criticise...Gutedel
    extra special.
    Points 17.75

    Clemens Busch Riesling Marienburg Fahrlay
    Grosses Gewächs 2009
    Mosel, Germany

    Instant ripe Riesling...had to be a 2009
    Well-balanced and very much the style of Clemens Busch.
    Quite intense minerals...fine fruit...maybe cpould have asked for more air...

    but we were not listening after the first two.
    Points 16.75