Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Hindsight...which for those who may not know...means being wiser after the event. Yes...I know you may have known...but the SMS gang don't read any more.

Case 1
Japanese Food
This was easy to change...just swill the glass and try them alternatively.

Erwin Sabathi Sauvignon Blanc Merveilleux 2011
South Styria, Austria

Flintstone...salty...crispy structure...spicy minerals...classic gooseberry...still lively.
Points 17.25

Ott Grüner Veltliner Stein 2011
Wagram, Austria
Known as the King of Grüner Veltliner...I find them MUCH TOO FAT in their youth...but this is the real thing. Stone fruits...again the spicy minerals which make the wines perfect for eastern food. Sweet melons....smokey...delicious fruit layers....even exotic.
Points 17.25

Case 2
Monthly Meeting
Supposed to be with 3 whites but Robert produced a red.

Volker offered his blind bottle first and made it all the more difficult for my
elegant layed-back Chardonnay. Sips of water in between...but the memory cells
still remind you of the first wine.

Kühling-Gillot Riesling Niersteiner Ölberg GG 2009
Rhgeinhessen, Germany

The up-front fruit and touch of Restsüß was a winner.
Points 17

Christian Zündel Chardonnay Dosso 2010
Tessin, Switzerland

Delicate...but real potential...complex...racy...creaminess developed.
Points 16.75
but more to come...

Have another bottle of this...will be treated more gently next time.

Case 3
La Fattoria

Meeting with Flo and his family at our favourite Italian Restaurant.
Flo who was with me in April at the Rebstock.
The Polz had knocked me out when I tried a lost bottle from my cellar a few months ago. Quite by chance...I found another odd bottle on a merchant's list.
The Keller Abtserde 2012 vintage in April had been very I decided Austria first...then Germany.

Polz Sauvignon Blanc Hochgrassnitzberg Reserve 2007
South Styria, Austria

What can I was perfect. Like a hedgehog dressed up for a glitzy ball...soft spiky minerals with velvety cream...and very silky. The nose threw up raspberries...bananas...the gooseberries showed on the palate. Polz claims his top wines can age for 10 years. At 7 years old it seems he knows what he saying. The fatness of youth has been whittled away.

Points 18

Keller Riesling Abtserde 2010
Rheinhessen, Germany
Did this suffer after the top Styria...maybe...but I found this full of unreadiness at first.

We worked on it...citrus and apple fruit...Keller's Riesling wines are very dressing up...take me as I should be taken...acidity still quite dominant...layers of hidden can feel this will be very fine indeed.
Just not at the moment...tasted before the Polz may have given it a better marking.
Points 17.5

Food was, as usual, great.

Pichler Perfect

A break in the a quick walk in case it a local eatery.
As it was cool I thought I should be taking a red wine along to drink...but a white it was.
The starter was some fresh Calamari with salad...followed by some Turbot.

Not being a big fan of Robert Parker's style of wines...I have to agree with his comments...
'F.X. Pichler is the Chateau Latour, Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, Zind-Humbrecht, Sandrone and Helen Turley of the Wachau'

There was some discussion in certain wine circles in Germany and Austria about the 2011 Pichler wines. Some long-term customers of Weingut F.X. Pichler claimed to have detected some unpleasant notes in the wines recently and have communicated their findings on facebook.
A tasting with experts and the vineyard owner Lucas...found the wines to be perfect.
Media madness!

Franz Xaver passed over the reins to son Lucas in 1999.

F.X. Pichler Loibner Steinertal Riesling  Smaragd 2011
Wachau, Austria

Reined in nose...more elegant than many Smaragd...a touch of honey and a trace of lychees.
Crunchy minerals...citrus fruits...lovely weight in the mouth...surprisingly ready...complex but easy to please.
What a delicious wine...and the bottle emptied.
Points 18

Monday, June 22, 2015

Return to Rottach-Egern

We arrived in Rottach Egern at the Tegernsee late afternoon. With stops on the way it had been 6 hours...and then the luggage(as ever, probably more than we need) carried up to the first floor of our apartment...10 journeys! PHEW! My wife fell into bed early...I unpacked...then made an instant soup and some toast. Heaven when you are hungry. It was not a peaceful night...I was still driving and unpacking.

Sunday 10 May 2015.
A walk through the town and up the hill to check exactly where the Maiwerts restaurant is.
Popped inside to browse the winelist. Across the way was a flower shop and I bought a vase and some is Mother's Day...and my wife loves flowers.

Popped across the road from Haltmair to eat a soup....
Tried to sleep later...but my body is not yet ready to let go. My wife wanted to just eat simple so the table for 2 at Kirchner's Stube became a single in the room next to the restaurant. I was alone and it was just what was needed....time to read...relax...and enjoy the food and wine. My favourite waiter/sommelier Uwe...came in once in a while and I told him if it got too much in the restaurant then he should close the door and bring a glass. He said he would like to try it....the Riesling. I mentioned I could not remember the wine being on the list last year...but he was...but I had been wary of the age and not wanted to risk it.
The food was excellent...Kalbbries and Gänseleber on Truffelmouse...then a Loup de Meer.

Hirtzberger Riesling Setzberg 2008
Wachau, Austria

Uwe had commented on his sip that there was plenty of acidity...which I had found as well...but the food had helped and the wine showed plenty of character...spicy and lively.
Points 17
Monday 11 May 2015
Another poor night's sleep and I was woken at 9am by my secretary. This is something that never happens...she knows how much I need the break. However...internet problems...but thankfully a day later...everything was back to normal.
My wife and I took a small walk late afternoon...and then on to Kirchner's Stube. This time we had a table in the restaurant...the large table...and a couple from Baden joined us. They were very enjoyable company and added to the evening's pleasure.
My wife and I both had Sashima as a starter...and I plumped for the Saitling. All absolutely delicious.

Hirtzberger Grüner Veltliner Honivogl Smaragd 2012
Wachau, Austria

The 2011 from last year in now the 2012...and just as good.
There is a touch of Restsüss but the wine is dry. Full of honey...white pepper...
I offered out table companions a small glass which they enjoyed...and I finished off the bottle.
Points 18

Tuesday 12 May 2015
At last a good night's sleep. My wife not so...but she wanted to breakfast in the hotel this morning...and we sat out in the terrace area...the sun already threatening with a hot day ahead. Eva-Maria retired to her bed...and I prepared for a real lazy day...first thought....this report. Let us see how it evolves. I have no appointments...nobody to answer telephone.

Dieter Maiwert had just left Rottach soon after we arrived on holiday 2 years ago.
200 kilometres away...but had returned last I had booked a week in advance
to make sure of a table.

They had been closed the day before...and after the warm day...the restaurant area was still stuffy so we sat outside and managed to stay there until after the main course. The welcome had been very agreeable from Dieter Maiwert and his team. Not much going on this evening as Bayern Munich were playing Barcelona. My wife chose the hummerbisque and I opted for the blutwürst. Madame then had some warm goose liver and I the Rotbarbe. All were delicious and well prepared.

Keller Riesling Hubacher 2012
Rheinhessen, Germany

Was looking forward to this...
Fatter than its bothers Kirschspiel and Abserde...and I felt it needed much more time.
Tons on minerals and a real package...just not humming.
Points 17
Wednesday 13 May 2015
Slept LONG...and we stayed in this evening...eating only what we found in the fridge....
The flowers are changing colour???

Thursday 14 May 2015
We set off with no plan...just to drive. We saw a sign...Küfstein...which is in that was decided. The drive through the mountains was beautiful. Küfstein disapponted my wife as she remembers a small town. Ah well...tourists...change the world.

The drive back was on the main road..I had had enough of bends and tights roads.

I wandered to Kirschner Stube...and had a creamy soup...and finally chose some meat...lamb filet.

Josef Ehmoser Grüner Veltliner von den Terrassen 2013
Wachau, Austria

A mid-weighted GV....soft spicy fruit...with a trace of pepper.
Adequate for this evening...just wanted to treat myself gently.
Points 16

Friday 15 May 2015
Rain rain and more rain...have to accept that in the mountain areas.
Our bird from last year is back...Tatty is his he is not as smart as the other birds.

The local Italian eatery had been enjoyed a few times last year...and it is within stumbling distance.
Some delicious fish covered in potato Rösti

I did want to spend too much time with the chose one I did not know.

Elena Walch Beyond The Clouds 2012
South Tyrol, Italy

Never heard of this...worth a try...and owner told me there was some Gewürttraminer in the mix with the Chardonnay. This before I had tasted...and not being a lover of the grape.
It was nice...well made...much better with the food.
Points 16
Saturday 16 May 2015
My local...Kirschner Stube...and a Riesling from Knoll.
A small starter...then the Salmon filet.

Knoll Riesling Schütt Smaragd 2012
Wachau, Austria

Big was needed...still tight with chunkiness.
Smell of ripe apples and pears...fresh acidity...with HEAPS of minerals.

A package not yet letting you see what's inside the box.
Points 17

Sunday 17 May 2015
On my walk earlier in the week I had eyed the restaurant for the evening.
The wine list had been viewed yesterday.
Isn't it strange...with all the good food...that my wife and I craved for Pommes Frites(Chips to you English).
The starters were Tatar from Yellow Tuna and....
Main wife wanted the Hamburger...she would leave the bread....and a portion of CHIPS.
I chose one of the 3 steaks...Simmentaler Filet 220 Gram and some CHIPS.
Neither make good photos but were great.

I needed a wine to take in all the food.

Prager Grüner Veltliner Achleiten 2011
Wachau, Austria

Thankfully the vintage meant that this had flattened out...with all components in
in the right place. Full throttle though...exotic...pears and peaches.
Points 17.5
Monday 18 May 2015
A beautiful I hired a bike and rode around for 2 hours...taking in the views, the smells...etc

A relaxing snooze in the afternoon...and a short walk to Kirchner Stube...a delicious carpaccio and some fish(Seeforelle)

The wine....Loimer...was a perfect partner

Loimer Langenlois Spiegel Grüne Veltliner 2012
Wachau, Austria

Aged in large oak barrels for 12 months.
Sprinkling of minerals...ripe apples...fresh and zesty...creamy texture.
A great food wine.
Points 17

I sat and thought and thought...ain't doing nothing wonderful?

Tuesday 19 May 2015
Rain rain go away...come again another day...but no chance. Next to the mountains it hangs for ages. We had a coffee at the hotel Ü drive onto the forcourt and give your car key to the can imagine what this hotel is like. A 3 star restaurant among other eateries.
For the evening I wandered to the lovely little italien that we had visited last week.
Papa is serving tonight...very Italian.

A zucchina piccata to start the proceedings
Pasta as good as last time.
Seeteufel a little dry...needed a light sauce...and the meditaranian vegetables were too much.
Lageder Löwengang Chardonnay 2011
Alto Adige, Italy

Always a nicely balanced for food. At first you search for fruit...but after a short visit to the glass...the creaminess is there.
Points 17
On the next table somebody ordered calves liver...and asked for it 'well done'...the waitress kindly said it would be they agreed for it to be a little pink in colour.!

Wednesday 20 May 2015
The rain is here to stay...the Gastronomie saying it will stay over the national holiday weekend. Stay in and things you never have time for at home.

Our destination this evening was the Fährhutte 14 again.

What I thought may be a small starter of Pasta was a quite filling version.
I chose the Sirloin steak...and my wife was on the Jacobs Mussels trail again...

Dreissigacker Einzigacker Weissburgunder trocken 2012
Rheinhessen, Germany

Did not make notes...certainly a good wine...and I can see where the critrics are coming from with their praise...but still too fat for my liking. Too young as we will agree to disagree.
Points 16.5

Thursday 21 May 2015
My wife looked at me around lunchtime...and send she did not want to pack next day.
I needed no second thought to decide...and ran to the reception and luckily our apartment was available for another week. The poor weather had meant cancellations. I phoned the office and my assistant said all was OK. I walked out to the Tegernsee and took in the views and the air.
Another week of this...with or without sun...was like Xmas only without all the media hustle. 

A visit again to the Kirschner Stube...and I decided to risk a high priced Burgundy.
Maison Roche de Bellen Chassagne-Montrachet Vieilles Vignes 2011
Burgundy, France

Classic style...slightly oxidated nose...very old vines...and appreciated airing.
Was it worth it? very nice...but only 'Village' quality.
Points 16.25

Friday 22 May 2015
As the owner of Dolce Vita had promised to produce something not on the list...
it was at one of his tables that I landed. A couple of German Rieslings were shown...
and I chose the Wittmann.

Wittmann Aulrede Riesling GG 2012
Rheinhessen, Germany

Peaches, Grapefruit,Pears...all in one big sniff.
This is only a baby...but a thrilling wine nevertheless. Complex palate...

with a creamy texture. Perfect balance...racy...delicious.
Points 17.75

Saturday 23 May 2015

Michel Fonne Riesling Grand Cru Mambourg 2008
Alsace, France
Surprise of the holiday. I knew the wine-list well....and quite by chance I glanced at the French wines...about 5...and saw € 37,--
I asked Uwe...our excellent waiter...if it was still available. His face told me that no-one ordered it...but he would check.
Sure enough...he re-appeared with the wine.
Perfect ripe Riesling way it could hide it's origin either. Alsace top wines need time.
Pears and peaches...with lovely citrus thrust...steely and a star.

Points 17.5
PS to this post...I asked Uwe on our final visit if I could purchase a bottle to take home.
He asked his boss...and they charges we only € 19,-  !! 

On arriving home I saw that it was 2009...but I am not complaining. Maybe when I have tried it...but I doubt it.

Sunday 24 May 2015
Walked to the back of Rottach to a cafe that served good home made cakes...and
ended up giving an hour's advice to an elderley lady who had sat at my table.
I think I helped...

The weather was getting better...

and the Itilianan Restaurant owner had found another not on his list.
Heinrich Weissburgunder Leithaberg 2012
Burgenland, Austria
Another delight...and a Weissburgunder to my taste. Trace of melons and grapefruit.

Reserved style...again what I want...and honey flavoured! Acidity and fruit perfectly balanced.
Salty minerals.
Point 17.25

Monday 25 May 2015
Tatty was still on the prowl...

My wife had been craving for Chinese food...and the best in the area seemed to be Jasmin
in Tegernsee itself. Good job we booked a people were coming in and waiting at the door. They have a 2 in 1 menu...which means you choose two things and get half and hal on your plate. It was all good...but you know me...I need wine...and all they had were wines by the glass and no vintages.

Tuesday 26 May 2015
Had a massage...which really helped....and was ready for food.
After the quieter weather the previous day...the rain was umbrella to Dolce Vita.
I wanted a large portion of Pasta...and as the owner was due in later....I chose a wine I had already drank at the Kirschner Stube...Loimer's GV 2012

Wednesday 27 May 2015
A stroll along the front...and the sun almost came out!
A re-visit to the Fährhutte try an elderly Burgundy.

It was slighty corked...which pleased me as what was behind was a touch shallow.
No problem...the wine was taken awaya...and the kitchen confirmed.
A quick decision...decant the Tignanello.
Antinori Tignanello 2010
Toscana, Italy

80% Sangiovese, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Cabernet Franc.
Ruby red colour...smell of ripe plums. Palte shows sweet cherries...surprisingly very drinkable.
Still firm but with silky tannins.
Points 17.75
Recently received an email
Tignanello, A Tuscan Story

Thursday 28 May 2015

Last visit to the Kirschner Stube...and both courses really delicious.
A wine from the Nahe...was a good marriage.
Diel Riesling Pittermännchen G G 2009
Nahe, Germany

Last day in the Stube...the food was so good...and I really forgot to concentrate on the wine.
Just the marks
Points 16.25

Friday 29 May 2015

We sat out at the cafe on the Tegernsee shore...and then 'gently' packed for the next day.
Saturday 30 May 2015
Return to the day job.....