Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Sheep, A Dog & Crazy Joe

We GBWT's (Great Blogging Wine Tasters) all have good taste...we know what a good wine is...but once in a while..we agree to differ...
How can I explain better..let try this..
I love women...(sorry darling..liked)...no..it won't work unless I say love...men love women...but we all have our own taste...actually..some women love women..and some men love men...this is getting confusing...and then there are sheep...
Which reminds me of a story.
Shipwrecked..a man, a sheep & a sheepdog find themselves on a desert island.
They live happily together for a few weeks. One night..on the beach..as the sun goes down..the man has urges...he moves over to the sheep and puts his arm round it...a loud Grrrrrrr from the dog makes him quickly remove it. He tries again over the next couple of night..no luck. A few weeks later..another ship goes down nearby..and a woman arrives on the island. Now..at this part of the story..you can add your own example...mine..here in Germany..is Dolly Dollar..a blown up Barby..with fish lips and Michelin tyre breasts..you get the picture?. Anyway..she arrives..and they all live happily together for a few days. One night..yes..you've guessed it....beach, sun....etc.. and the man turns to the woman and says...
'Dolly..I have been here a while..and a man has urges...I haven't had sex for ages...can I ask a favour?'. Dolly's eyes light up..'Yes, how can I help?.. 'Well', says the man..'would you mind taking the dog for a walk?!!'
How does it end?...The dog and Dolly run off together ( swim actually)..the others are rescued by a Captain Shepherd..who also takes a fancy to the sheep....and the man..well..he starts writing a blog about wine.
Which brings me nicely back to the start...
Crazy Joe drank a wine a while ago..an Aligoté.. or as I called it..an Ali Goat..but we've had sheep so I'll stop here.
He loved it...gave it 18 points...I bought 1000 bottles (fibbing here..was only 12)...I tried a couple of bottles..ended up in hospital ( fibbing again)...and after cooking most of it..now have only one left in my cellar. If the sheep hadn't run off..I'd have used it to marinate...
His 'woman' was not my taste in this case.
Joe recently posted about a wine..another 18 pointer...which I was able to purchase...( see..I never lost faith in him)
Chateau La Nerthe Blanc 2004
Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Rhone

Full notes are here....JOE...

A blend of Grenache Blanc, Bourboulenc, Roussanne and Clairette, most of which are rarely seen outside of France. Its haunting nose changed constantly over the evening, with notes of creamy custard, quince, lychee, spring flowers, lemon peel, wet stones and some gentle oakiness – an interesting greenness (wet ferns?) as well. Stunning on the palate – opulent, with a nice oily texture, lemony cream flavours and a nice bitter finish – so unusual, I'd almost use "rustic" if the wine wasn't SO elegant and polished.
I would only add that I caught some freshly peeled walnuts on the nose...and I love Rousanne..(that's a grape darling...so put down that frying pan!)
A delicious wine....Joe is back on my Xmas list..and I won't tease him again about the goat.

Points 17.75
PS...If Joe liked this so
much..then I have no hesitation in recommending a woman Hildegard


Edward said...


What a hilariously clever post. It's made me even more keen to try the wine just to see if we share the same taste in women and or sheep!

Joe said...

Never lose the faith, Barry. I would prefer a Goat over that sheep... Cheers!