Friday, February 29, 2008

New Zealand Pinot Noir

During the virus I ORDERED some wine..and it's arrival corresponds with me feeling expect some tasting notes soon. I have had an odd bottle or two of New Zealand Pinot Noirs...and have been impressed.The climate is ideal..with the area Central Otago on the south island being particularly good. Not too many wines available in Germany..but I found a mixed case with the following:
1. Main Divide - Canterbury Pinot Noir 2006 15,90 EUROS
2. Lindis River - Pinot Noir 2004 19,90 EUROS

3. Te Kairanga - Runholder Pinot Noir 2004 19,90 EUROS

4. Isabel Estate - Reserve Pinot Noir 2004 27,50 EUROS

5. Felton Road - Pinot Noir 2002 29,00 EUROS
6. Sunshine Bay - Pinot Noir 2004 12,90 EUROS

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Birthday Flowers

My wife loves flowers....and her Birthday is the 23rd February which is 9 days after Valentine's Day.
That means as the last bunch is I produce the next.
The flowers are looking better than I am..but I'm getting there....
10 days without wine.....difficult as it sounds..when you feel is much easier.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Half The Price, Twice The Fun

A bright start..a bouquet to my wife for Valentine's day....She has had a virus..and methinks I am getting it as well. Better drink something before it's too late.

After the disappointment of the Huber I decided on a basic Spätburgunder from my 'Grower of the Year'..Adeneuer.

J.J.Adeneuer Spätburgunder trocken 2006
Ahr, Germany
Old fashioned Pinot used to look with bite..simple and clear fruit..good body..'I am what I am' is pretentions...a great barbecue wine that will please beginners and affectionados alike.

Half the price (Huber cost 18 Euros)..twice the fun!!!

Points 15.5

See you after the virus has gone.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pleasing The Readers

It was recently mentioned by friends that I marked most of my wines between 17 & 18.Well..we have been here before..and other bloggers have maybe had similar comments made to them.
I buy a wine that I think I will like...and if I do..then it will be worth the above points..stands to reason.

SOMETIMES( not too often thankfully).. I just make a boo-boo and buy a wine which does not reach my (fairly high) standards. Important with any points the notes.

Huber Malterdinger Bienenberg
Spätburgunder trocken 2003
Baden, Germany

I purchased 2 bottles from a wine shop in Baden..just a year ago. I tried one bottle back then..and decided to give it another 'chance'. Everything speaks FOR it...Berhard Huber is one of the top growers in Baden and 2003 was an excellent vintage..well...I have never had a really bad bottle yet. So how was it second time around?

Reserved sweet aroma(as in children's sweets)..artificial ..not really attractive...just adequate...palate shows a mediem-bodied wine...dry tannins at times..then it appeared softer..then back came the dryness..synthetic sweetness...none of the components seem to harmonise. Not a BAD wine..I just struggled to find a reason to try this again. Can't see ageing helping either..
Points 14.5

Everyone happy now????...(smile)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Ristorante La Fattoria

There are Italians and there are ITALIANS...a small pizzeria or trattoria can have it's attractions...but we have been regular visitors to our favourite Ristorante 'La Fattoria' for over 20 years.This is a top-end restaurant...with food to die for...a superb never leave feeling cheated...owner Chester Sauri still enthusiastic.and head waiter Daniello a walking dynamo..throwing in a song or two on request!

I usually take a bottle of red along...choose a white from the diverse wine-list.This time...I spent the first 30 minutes choosing both white and red.

Jermann Pinot Grigio 2006
Friuli, Italy

Fresh..minerally..spicy nose..good texture..
but very drinkable.

Points 16

Argiolas Turriga 2000

Sardinia, Italy
The Turriga is a single vineyard wine, 85% Cannonau..known elsewhere as Grenache..and a mix of Malvasia Nera, Carignano, and the very obscure Bovale Sardo.
From particularly low yields, the grapes are
vinified traditionally and the wine is then transferred to new French oak casks for a period of approximately 18 months maturation.
Deep ruby red...full-bodied wine with aromas of
cherries & blackcurrant..some burnt smoke...chocolate....
big & chunky at first..became round and smooth...spice, tobacco.Needs meat to show it's best..which is what
it favourite main filet
with figs and dates...luvverly!

Points 17+

Red Sky Means Good Wines

Mixed weather at the moment..sometimes we get red sky in the morn'...which means rain...
Rain sky at night..shepherd's delight...and so I got on my bike and cycled to our local bistro.

Robert, Volker & lil 'ol me...we meet up at Bistro Mitch..they pay the food.. I bring the wines.

This time round..a white I have had before..was new to them both...Banfalu.
The main wines were red..served blind..they have to work while I grin..

Aldinger Fellbacher Lämmler ***

Lemberger 2005
Württemberg, Germany
This spends 16 months in new oak barrels.
Opened before the guests arrived...and after pulling the cork I was hit by a gorgeous smell...oh man..they will enjoy this one.

Medium deep colour...then the nose..spices & herbs..thick black cherry aroma..some cedar and walnuts..tobacco and vanilla; you would expect a BIG mouthful..but this is instantly cool...fine oak balance..continuing the great start..perfect weight and the finish lasted 60 seconds.
Points 17.75+

Rudolf Fürst Spätburgunder
Centgrafenberg 'R' 2004
Franken, Germany

Chosen to follow the thinking it would outclass wrong I was.
We compared them..and no way did the first wine suffer.

Medium deep with pale rim..strawberry mousse aromas..creamy..(15 months in 100% new French oak)...deep and meaty character, with smoky minerality coming through..palate was intense and long with ripe tannins. Certainly very good..and my guess is I would have marked it higher..if drunk by itself..but there was that Lemberger....

Points 17.5+

The Lemberger is 15 Euros cheaper..nuff said.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Leftover Loves

How I have to suffer....leftovers....
same as the night before (Veal Schnitzel)..which was fine by me..
but my wife decided I would get a
starter this time round.
The other leftover was the Meyer-Näkel Spätburgunder from the previous evening (bottle well corked and in the cellar) so I decided to drink a white with the starter. Courgettes,Fennel, Red and Yellow Paprikas with an Octopus Salad.
Looks good, tastes good..and by does ya good!

Blanc de Roc d'Anglade 2005
Remy Pedrano,
Anglade, France
A vineyard near to Nimes...Chenin Blanc (grape grown mainly in the Loire) & Grenache Blanc..
spends it's youth in used oak barrels;

medium yellow; mineral aromas..developed with airing..filled out; quite full-bodied. soft acidity with the gentle fruit of the Chenin Blanc, soft texture with a freshness, lovely long finish..plenty of character..needs airing..decant if you have time.
Points 17

PS..The Spätburgunder fron Meyer-Näkel was still excellent 24 hours after opening..always a good sign.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Popeye Food & Barry Wine

On the menu tonight...
Veal 'Schnitzel' in breadcrumbs filled with a mild sheep cheese, mild Parma ham and sage. My wife had bought a LARGE amount of fresh winter Spinach..which shrinks to about a 20th of it's size..but is the only version of Popeye's favourite that I like. All that packet stuff..yuck. The spinach and some of the a little white wine..had been mixed alongside homemade potato gnocchis. All ingredients delicious..and as Thursday is Spätburgunder day...or is it Tuesdays? is Sundays..but the bottle is open going back.Every day is Pinot day!
Meyer-Näkel Spätburgunder 'S' 2005,

Ahr, Germany

Carrying the bottle to the 'photo-shoot' I can smell aromas of crushed strawberries.

Checking the glass(see the photo)..strong 'legs'..any footballer would be proud of these!
This had 50 % new oak. Gorgeous smell..the strawberries mixed with some blackcurrant and vanilla..spices..really classy...Burgundian style...bury your nose in this stuff...better taste it before I drown...perfect on the lumps, bumps or corners..just soft fruit with firmness..concentrated and ripe..very exciting wine..

Best young Spätburgunder..well..probably yes...
should you keep it..well..probably yes.


You won't be able to keep your hands off it.

Points 18+