Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Domaine Robert-Denogent

Tried this at got lost in the mix of wine and food...
Decided this time to decant 3 hours before...poured back into the bottle shortly before drinking.
The grower is in Fuisse..but this cuvée is from Meursault...100% Chardonnay
Domaine Robert-Denogent, Jean-Jacques Robert-Denogent, Fuisse, Maconnais Bourgogne 'Murgey de Limozin' Ultime, 2004
Pale colour; mineraly nose, trace of pineapple; elegant, slightly reserved at the moment, altho decanting helped enormously, still found something in glass, a wine to work on, nutty and creamy..a soft explosion of flavour at the end..fine wine..
Points 17 (needs a few years)

Schmitts Kinder Domina & Spätburgunder

Wines that win prizes are usually sold out by the time you find out that they won!!
Every December in Germany there is a Pinot Noir Cup...with top European wines entering the competition.
I decided to find out the winner before it appears in Wine Gourmet in February.
First places went to a Swiss company(sold out) and
Weingut Schmitts Kinder Spätburgunder 'S' Trocken 2004
in Franconia.
I called the Vineyard and spoke to Karl Martin Schmitt and asked if I could buy the wine..'How many'? he asked. 'Twelve bottles please' I replied. His reply was 'I can let you have three'.....
BUT..and here we come to this posting...he has a '2nd' wine..Spätburgunder mixed with a German cloned grape(Portugieser & Spätburgunder) called Domina..Vintage 2005..I ordered 3 bottles to try.
Schmitts Kinder Domina & Spätburgunder Trocken, Franken, Germany 2005
Red brick colour, pale rim; lovely aroma of ripe Pinot and a slight 'masculine' touch which is the Domina; soft flavoured, lovely sweetness of the Pinot, creamy..a real treat.
Points 17

PS..I have ordered some more

Can't wait to try the Spätburgunder 'S'

Cool Barbara

Back in the late 70's/early 80's..the only wines you got from Spain were gorgeous, cheap Riojas...
Because of the success..Spain then forgot about quality and streched their wines...into the 90's they were back on track..and nowadays the whole of Spain seems to be producing good to great wines.
Bàrbara Forés Negre, Terra Alta, Spain 2002
The thing I like most about the new Spanish wines..they they they are....
Perfect restaurant wines I would think...
This one is from the lighter 2002 vintage..Grenache, Syrah & Carignan are the grapes: spicy flavour, cool and elegant, with nice juicy fruits.
Points 15.5

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Italian Wines at La Villa

Visited an Italian Restaurant 'La Villa' in the town..with 2 visitors from the U.S.A.
It was their treat..but I got to choose the wines.

Panizzi di San Gimignano Vernaccia Riserva 2001 Toscana
San Gimignano has recently realised that its Vernaccia does have an ability to age. Previously it had always been considered a wine for early drinking, within a couple of years, but recent tastings of some older bottles have proved otherwise.
Twelve months in barrel.
Gold colour; nose reserved at first...
airing opened it
to show medium oak aromas;
sweetish opening flavour with the oak
and acidity nicely balanced, a touch of
again improved with airing,
has taken on weight with age and is
certainly a very interesting wine.

A tip..decant 2 hours before drinking..

Chose the Strozzi Sodole 1999 but it was sold out..
so decided on the Millanni, a wine the
vineyard first produced in 1994
Strozzi Millanni 1999 RossoToscana San Gimignano
A Sangiovese-Cabernet-Merlot blend

Superb deep colour,a dark brooding wine;
herbaceous aromas, berries, plums;
a lean entry leads to a rounded,
medium-bodied palate with drying, grainy tannins.
Porty..needs a few years..and softened with airing
Again..2 hours in a decanter would have helped.
16.5....more with a few years in bottle

More information on the back label

Rebstock Spätburgunder 'R' 2000 Rheinland Pfalz

Rebstock Spätburgunder 'R' 2000 Rheinland Pfalz
This has only just been released...
and my question is..WHY?
Medium colour, light rim;
smokey, slightly burnt aroma;
soft medium flavour but dryness apparent...
which begs the question..
why not release it earlier so
we could try the fruit that was obviously
there in it's youth.
Strange decision by the grower..
doesn't work for me.