Friday, June 20, 2008

Magpies & Rosé

A couple of magpies visit us about the same time every evening. They are known to be attracted by silver things. They are welcome to stick long as they don't land on my head!
On ordering the
mixed case of whites..I promised myself I wouldn't make up the case with ANY red. True to myself..I sneaked a Rosé in there as a compromise.Me..drinking Rosé...if you don't tell anybody...I won't either.

Schlossgut Diel
Rosé de Diel Pinot Noir
Nahe, Germany
The complete grapes are pressed in making this
Rosé...and the best of the top vineyard Cuveé Caroline are used. It has a flowery freshness...racy fruit..cherries and wild berries...touch of acceptable acidity...creamy texture and minerals. A serious Rosé for Spätburgunder drinkers who keep their word to themselves.

Points 16 € 14

Not much on the front you get to see Rosie's rear!

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