Sunday, September 17, 2017

Blogging Again At Rebstock

It has been a year since my last post...a year since I was in Waldulm...and a year since I drank this wine.
However...the day started with me driving there...then hiring a bike...and a bowl of soup in nearby Achern for lunch. 
As the owner of Rebstock, Karl Hodapp, is taking a short break...the restaurant is closed this Tuesday...but to be exact...the kitchen is closed. I had forgotten that Sandra Stark told me when I changed the booking...but was informed on arriving that I could sit out on the terrace...but would have to bring some food. Edeka supermarket...some Sashimi and a small portion of cheese were my choices. Claudia, who has been working at Rebstock for a while, noted the wine and knew she should have to open it in advance.

2008 Tement Sauvignon Blanc Erste Lage IZ Zieregg

South Styria, Austria
Smokey aroma, grapefruit, ripe gooseberries...intensive and complex.
Creamy...soft yellow fruits...perfect balance...the fatness you think will be there after sniffing is balanced by a layed-back acidity. Trace of caramel keeps appearing.
Points 17.75

Next was time to try out the bike...after having a hearty breakfast on the terrace.

Headed for Appenweier...mainly because it is a flat route. Getting there to early for lunch I turned left and arrived in Oberkirch. Tripadvisor is not perfect...all depends on the person who reviewed a restaurant. Do they want large wine etc. I had typed in Thai and ended up in a quaint garden and from a large menu...I chose a red curry which I had to spice up.

No doubt the locals eat more 'European' but I love it a little spicier. A good Riesling would have been a fair match...but I am on my bike...and the ride back to Waldulm is up...and then, thankfully down.

Choice for the wise...carpaccio from beef...and the Zanderfilet.
Choice of wine...
Knoll Grüner Veltliner Smaragd Vinothekfüllung 2013

Wachau, Austria
A selection of the best plots. Loibenberg, Kellerberg und Kreutles.
Exotic aromas of honey, mangos and ripe pineapple. With 14.5% this is upfront.
Elegant but very concentrated. Silky texture. This needed some airing...still quite fat...
Points 17

As the weather was wet...slept long...then set off in the car to Willstätt..a small village near Strasbourg. Lunch at Restaurant Kinzigbrücke.

A 'LARGE' salad then the Loup de Mer. Checked the wine list which was small with local properties, mainly from Durbach.
It is quiet in the Gasthof Rebstock in the evening so a white tomato soup and guinea fowl(with purple carrots) would be my conversation partners.

The wine I had brought with me...

Histoire d'Enfer Petite Arvine Reserve 2014

Wallis, Switzerland
Love the discrete a fine Burgundy...could be Chardonnay. Grapefruit and peaches. This sees some oak...but it is never fat...the 14.4% hard to believe.
On the palate there is citrus and a salty tang. 
Points 17.25

The next day started with a Thai massage in Renchen...the lady is no skinny lizzy...and she bends and twists...and afterwards I have an appetite. Nearby Urloffen has a hideaway restaurant called Chevalier.

I had heard that the chef visits the tables...and he was there before I ordered...a quick amusing talk...then I ordered a rump steak...200 Gramms? 'Nein' I was informed. 300 Gramms it had to be. The Pommes Frites I had also heard about...let us wait and see. The sun had come out so I was in the beer garden.
Steak and 'Chips' perfect.
Back to my 'home ' and needed a walk.

Up through the vineyards and down to the Zuckerbergschloss Cafe for coffee and cake...and a cigar. The surprise sunshine warmed my back...and with the headset on...the walk back gave me more appetite.
New shirt...bought a few...

Chose 3 of the small starters....and the Pike.
Chose the Keller...and Sandro informed me it was the last bottle.

Keller Westhofener Abts E Riesling Grosses Gewächs 2012

Rheinhessen, Germany
Tears streamed down the glass...but not from my eyes. Keller, as you may know, has a way with Riesling. Refined nose of petrol...which gets me every time. There is a touch of lemon and the super clear color even looks like one. Pure and elegant on the palate...such a precise style...the stylish acidity lingers...this will go on for years...but that is wasted information for the next guest.
Points 18
The previous evening I had greeted four guests from the U.S.A. This evening I was already finished with my starters when Sandro asked if I could translate. On arriving at the table they asked me to join them so I stopped my main course until later and we spent 2 enjoyable hours. I still had a small amount of the Knoll which they loved....and as we sat there with empty glasses later...the Keller 'rest' planned for the next evening was taken from the fridge and five glasses were enjoyed by all. A lovely evening.

Getting later to bed than the norm I slept until and set off down on a rainy morning to Cafe Glatt for breakfast.
Titled 'English Breakfast' was enough for more than one stomach.
They also sell good chocolates.

The sun appeared later then went then came again. Sounds like a red wine choice this evening. Karl has some fine Bordeaux and the 2000 vintage was excellent.
Food would be a repeat of the carpaccio and an Entrecote Steak...with Münsterkäse on the side.
Chateau Beychevelle 2000

St. Julien, Bordeaux
Two hour decant...just a slight fade at the rim...otherwise still quite dark. Supple and rounded...just about right. Boring to say...cedar and currants and tobacco on the nose. THAT IS WHY I LOVE BORDEAUX! Reminded me of how Bordeaux used to taste...before styles were changed. Sweet fruit but earthy....perfect with the steak. Must open more Bordeaux from my cellar. I tend to forget how my love for wine started.
Points 17.5

Sunday morning and it was just warm enough to breakfast on the terrace.

I was aiming for the Mummelsee with my bike....but the battery showed low halfway there...and I did not want to spend the night up there so headed back down. The local soccer team were at home and the view is still as beautiful as ever...and they won 2-0. 
As usual I thought I would have light starter...but the warm Foie Gras begged me this evening.

The pike did not have to...a repeat would be no strain.
The wine was another that had made the journey with me. Friend Robert had introduced me at one of our get-togethers.
Louis Bovard Buxus Sauvignon 2015

Wallis, Switzerland
Trace of cork...was not undrinkable...but not like the last bottle.
My notes from 4 weeks ago...
Green Paprika and gooseberry nose...palate throws up exotic fruit...pineapple and mandarin...
Points 17.25
A clear night...will the wolves be about?

The weather for Monday was without for breakfast and off I go on my E-Bike from Germany to France and back...sounds impressive...but Black Forest to Alsace and back...only 75 km's.

Lunch at Restaurant Au Pont d'Ill in La Wantzenau. Hommard Salat followed by Grenouilles. No need to Google...that is Lobster Salad and Frog's Legs. Have not had them for years. My legs are a bit that shape after the long day on the bike.
Really was going to have a beer tonight...but my heart takes over my brain from 7pm...and I remembered how lovely this wine is.

Pumpkin Soup and Beef Ragout to soak it up.
Robert Weil Kiedrich Gräfenberg Riesling 2007

Rheingau, Germany
I have to stop wanting to gulp must be those miles and miles on the bike. I tried to have a nap before the meal this way...the legs were still pounding. The only way is to knock myself out. Wine drinking very fine now. Nose of petrol, tropical fruits and slatey minerality. Lightweight yet concentrated on the palate. Easy-drinking and serious at the same time. Gulp Gulp Gulp!
Points 17.25

New Room Balcony
Sleep came early but in the middle of the night I was hungry....watched some comedy on the iPad and fell back to sleep. Today's the day I am changing rooms...I changed my plan a few weeks ago as Karl was away. Only trouble room is taken so I am moving downstairs.Quick breakfast in the warm Gasthaus was planned...nope...sun was shining so out on the terrace for bacon and eggs.

Lunch...Spicy Thai Curry in Oberkirch...the bike is being used.
Owner remembered me and upgraded the spicyness.

Karl offered me the wine for the evening...on the house.
Van Volxem Alte Reben 2015

Mosel, Germany
The vines are up to 120 years old. Pale colour...with green tinges. Trace of honey on the grapefruit. Palate throws up slates, salty minerals...grapefruit again...and some orange peel. This is dry but not searingly...but a glass or two was all I could manage...needed something a little more I tried the rest of previous evening's remains.
Points 16
House made Pralines...consumed in my room...I really must eat them slowly.

Karl had his free floor up to his place. The two bottles I had brought with me last year.
Weingut Keller Dalsheimer Hubacker Riesling 2007

Rheinhessen, Germany
Strange...aged candy on the nose...bottle not 100%.?...we were not sure...leave it until after the Wittmann. Going back 2 hours had eased...but still tasted even older that it is. Had no chance to compete.
Points 15...but if anyone has tried this recently...let me know.

Wittmann Westhofener Morstein Riesling 2008

Rheinhessen, Germany
So fresh...alive...thrilling...bouquet of ripe apples, spices...just lovely. Palate is a beautiful balance between acidity and sweetness...smooth, crisp, citrus...salty...succulent.
Perfect now.
Points 18.25

Two wines...almost the same age...but oh so different this evening

After the fish...we walked through the vineyards then Karl  showed me his 'baby'. A tractor from his birth year 1961.
Returned for some cheese and to finish off the wines.

Weather is now heading for autumn...although I enjoyed the late afternoon sun on the balcony.
Last bottle of my wines tonight...after the Wittmann last night...this is obviously still a baby.
Wittmann Westhofener Morstein Riesling 2013

Rheinhessen, Germany
Chalk...limes...complex palate...
Still a touch austere...with the ripe honey tropical fruits bursting to be seen.
Points 17.25 but time will up this score.

Last day...slept long...light lunch in Achern...then up to Zuckerbergschloss...Apple Strudel...and a walk through the vineyards.
Last minute decision...was going to drink the rest of the Wittmann....
Ziereisen Jaspis Gutedel Alte Reben 10 Hoch 4 2011

Baden, Germany
As I try this every year...well...that is my excuse...was not planned...still smells like a white Burgundy...intense minerality...stone fruit...I think I once said...a wine for experienced beautifully balanced...lingering on the palate...concentrated....slimline...salty...asks to be tasted again.
Points 17.75

Slept well...must drink more of the Gutedel.
Last photos...

Home by 10.30.
To go back first have to leave.
Thanks to all at Rebstock...owners Karl and all in the kitchen and the excellent restaurant staff.