Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Männle, Mini-Golf & My Reputation

The village of Durbach has 2 Männle's, one Laible and a mini-golf course! Heinrich Männle I did not visit, Laible I did..but as he only had 2007 basic Rieslings..I did not purchase...he is a star and everything older had gone..the better wines still waiting to be bottled.
Andreas Männle is at the other end of the village...they are like book-ends to the village. The mini-golf course has a scorecard of 18 holes...after 12 holes my wife and I searched but never found the other six. After a 12!! at the first
( I had to get used to the putter)..I found my form and managed to retain my reputation. After the 'exertions'..we visited the Männle vineyard..where the wine cost only 11,-- Euros

Andreas Männle Durbacher Bienengarten
Spätburgunder Spätlese trocken 2007
Baden, Germany
This is the youngest Spätburgunder I have ever tasted...just to think that 6 months ago this had been on the vine.
Firm nose at first..but it quickly developed some strawberry and a little tar. This, unlike the 2005, obviously never saw barrique. The flavour is full, quite rich for the price...some spiciness..but soft overall...all that for 'little' money...as I said after the 2005...the vineyard is a little secret waiting to be spread.
Points 16.5

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