Saturday, June 21, 2008

Doing The Dont's

In the world of wine..there are DO'S & DONT'S...
One DO is....Do give Barry a good wine if he visits you!
DONT'S include....Don't offer him Aligoté (sorry Joe..hee hee).

One definite DON'T is...when you receive a case of wine and open it..DON'T decide to drink the bottle a few hours later. It's not fair to the wine....
So..there I was...looking for a white to go with oven chicken in a creamy paprika sauce.
I needed a break from the Rieslings...and there was this white..potentially soft and creamy( like the sauce)
Look..before you start criticizing....ask yourself this....have you ever done it?
I rest my case......
Anyway...only reds suffer after a journey..whites are more sturdy(see how I am convincing you & me) I popped the cork.
Yes yes...I know..I am like a kid at Christmas when a package arrives.
Schloss Halbturn Imperial Weiss 2005
Burgenland Neusiedlersee, Austria
Drive into the village of the 2
set of traffic lights turn right...then the next left..
you can't miss the's a castle!(Schloss).
Graf zu Königsegg (Marcus to you & me) has invested $$$$. They produce some reds which I have yet to try..and this cuveé from Chardonnay & Sauvignon Blanc. The wine spends 14 months in part new/part used Barrique.
Medium-pale instant aroma of flowery honey..cream and smoky tones....but overdone oak here. The Sauvignon Blanc is a perfect foil for big sister Chardonnay. Palate was perfect..the creaminess...touch of rosted flavours...plenty of finesse here...and a good spicy finish. Perfect now...but this could evolve.

Points 17.25 € 20

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