Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Heger versus Heger

Joachim Heger of Dr.Heger wines took over the 'Weinhaus Heger' in 1986 and produces wines from vineyards grown on loess and loam soil. They are different wines to the 'Mother Weingut' where the Spätburgunder is grown on vulcanic rock.
Heger Spätburgunder
Auslese *** 2003

Baden, Germany

This spends 15 months in barrique which surprised me as it is very fruit driven..no doubt down to the soil it's grown on. The auslese wines are from old vines...hence the ***. This has a soft mushroom nose at first...some exotic spices..then clear dark fruit..mainly cherries...then a touch of cream sets in..that's the barrique..but as I said...the fruit is
dominant..dry chalky tannins and a slightly burnt aroma which may be down to the hot vintage. An interesting wine as I am a big fan of Dr.Heger's wines and this was a commendable comparison.
Points 17.25

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Anonymous said...

I wish you could find these German pinots a little easier in the USA. Do they have an importer?