Saturday, March 31, 2007

Baden Continued

First wine purchased in a wine shop in Kenzingen where the wine is made
Shelter Winery Pinot Noir 2004
Hans-Bert Espe & Silke Wolf
Kenzingen Baden

This wine is actually stored in Canadian bunkers left behind by the military.
Medium colour with brown rim, fully mature; light syle of Pinot Noir, comparable say.. to a Santenay in Burgundy...easy drinking, typical of the vintage
(The 2003 is fuller of course)..
Notable: rest of the bottle had held up well the next day
Points 16.5

Duijn Pinot Noir 'Jannin' 2004(half bottle)
A present from the cellar of Herr Hodapp in 'Rebstock' restaurant.
As I had said I had read the wine was not up to normal standard. He agreed but said it was still good.
Medium deep colour; good balance with ripe fruit..
Points 16.5

Purchased at home after having tasted the 'red' version on our recent trip

Karl H Johner Chardonnay 2004 SJ
Kaiserstuhl Baden

Yellow gold colour; layed back
exotic fruit aromas;
oh no...full-flavoured Chardonnay..and although a really fine wine of it's type..not something I enjoy's an age thing I awaits more finesse as one gets older..the 'Wham Bamm Thank You Mam' style is passé for me
Points 16

A Walk (Drive) in the Black Forest

What should have been a 'walk' in the Black Forest..became a drive around...The weather was fine when we set off..and the next morning into the mountain the sun was shining and the snow from a few days before was covering the trees and unforgetable drive. Later that day and over the next 3 snow..and..altho beautiful to watch..not really ideal for long walks in the countryside. All that aside...we were(well I was) there for the food and WINE...
Our recent 'find' of last year(see November 2006) was where we we staying for 3 nights....

Gasthof Rebstock in Kappelrodeck-Waldulm...
the wine card needs you to stay for weeks!!

The first evening tho..I went back to a wine I had drank the last time.

Salwey Spätburgunder Spätlese Trocken***Oberrotweiler Kirchberg 2003
Fine colour; nose opened in glass, creamy classic Pinot; full mouthful, warm, soft flavoury and a super long finish....
Added notes this time..
as good as before...2003 produced fuller wines and Salway's style is not for the faint-hearted.
Points 18

The second evening was a 'first'...even though the wine list is full of excellent local wines..there was a short note from Herr Hodapp in the Swiss section...the last time I drank a Swiss wine was back in the late 70's at the Mövenpick restaurant in Wiesbaden(it was ordinary and very expensive). Mr.Hodapp had managed to obtain a few bottles from a friend of a friend(the vineyard had no more to sell). Such was his enthusiastic comments on the list..well. I just had to order it..and I was not to be disapointed.
Gantenbein Pinot Noir aus Fläsch 2004 Switzerland
Fine colour,red brick with light rim; red cherries bursting out of the glass; excellent, elegant mouthfull, very soft and velvety and a fine finish.
Points 18

The final evening I decided to drink 2 half bottles..a Chablis or a Chardonnay from the area...

Bernhard Huber
Chardonnay Trocken 2004
Medium yellow gold; exotic lychee nose; oh no I thought..not a barrique is trocken..and is just about saved from overdoing the oak,,really nicely balanced and went well with the Coquilles St Jacques
Points 16

The red could have been a Clos de la Marachale 1999 from Faiveley..but I was swayed to drink the Bordeaux

Chateau d' Armailhac 2000
Pauillac Bordeaux

Medium deep with a lightening rim; black fruit aromas; opulent wine, quite full, high Merlot content and although easily drinkable..this is the new style of Bordeaux and I do miss the roughness of the 'old school' style...
Points 17

We tried to stay an extra night but everything was already decided to find something for one more night..Raubs' Restaurant in Kuppenheim

A.Christman Idig Riesling 2004
Full, classic Riesling.. just the youth of the grape; full flavour with perfect acidity and a dry finish.
Points 16.5

Karl H Johner Johner
Blauer Spätburgunder SJ 2003

Kaiserstuhl. Baden.
Medium deep; cherry fruity nose;
gorgeous fruit in the mouth,
cream & vanilla came to mind; superb half bottle of 'Badische' wine
Points 18

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Blind Tasting Of Mature Wines

Five wines...decanted 2 hours before tasting.
We were informed....2 different vintages..1989 & 1994..
Four wines came from Europe..other New World

Domaine Peyre Rose 1994
Excellent colour, 'legs'; mouldy stuffy nose
dry, chunky style...port like..short dry finish..flat.
I guessed Rhone..Syrah
Points. 15

2. Orion Old Vines 1994 Sean Thackrey
This seemed similar in style to the above..
Medium deep colour; eucalyptus, trace of vanilla
creaminess on the nose...but did not develope

brittle tannins.....
I guessed Syrah again...
Note...I recommended this wine to the host..
and it was superb about 10 years ago..
Points. 16

3. Torre Albeniz Reserva 1994 Ribera del Duero Spain
Again..a good colour; juicy mouthful...but drying fruit..
I thought this may have been the New World wine
Points. 16

4. Fixin Les Clos Vincent et Denis Barthaut Burgundy
Pale colour, brown rim(French Pinot I said without tasting):
slightly burnt aroma, caramel, creamy...on it's last legs but perfectly drinkable.. and nice to see a lighter style holding up.
I guessed South Burgundy 1989
Points. 16

5. Ducru Beaucaillou 1989 St. Julien Bordeaux
Unfortunately..this was corked.. and really impossible to taste or comment on.. pity..because this would have been
the winner

Romanée-St-Vivant Marey Monge 1966

Romanée-St-Vivant Marey Monge/DRC 1966
It was in 1966 that the Marey-Monge family granted the Domaine Romanée Conti the lease of their share of this fabulous vineyard.
Medium deep colour, mature and healthy looking; old nose, just about holding;
sweet ripe Pinot, very soft but with a bite at the end that makes it still a pleasure to drink. This would have been perfect maybe 10 years ago..but I could never decide when to open it!
Points. 18.5

Why did I decide now..well..I phoned a few friends at short wife had cooked a class 'British' dish.. steak & kidney pie...and I was going to open a few bottles of Spätburgunder. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending how you look at it) 2 of them could not could..and as I only wanted to ever try this when only 2 people could share.. the moment had arrived. To the other 2 who could not come..if you had been able to..I wouldn't have therefore opened it.Does that ease the pain of missing out?..maybe not...

Vie Di Romans Piere Sauvignon 2004

Vie Di Romans Piere Sauvignon Sauvignon Blanc 2004
This is my favourite Sauvignon Blanc. Perfect balance, spicy fruit.
No exaggerated 'cat's Pee' or gooseberries found in the New World..
traces of almonds, apricots, limes..long finish..real class.
The vineyard produces 2 styles of Sauvignon Blanc in oak 'Vieres'..and this steel.
Points. 18