Thursday, June 12, 2008

Havana Pleasure

I am a non-smoker...and as my wife gave up 10 years one is allowed to smoke in the house. When the evenings are warmer...after a meal..out in the garden...once in a while..I treat myself to a good Havana choice is light and easy..Hoyo de Monterrey...anything stronger and I'd get high!The children came round..brought Sushi with them.

Binki is heading for 50..actually 44...but time does fly by quickly....I tell her.
is looking for a man at the local supermarket...she has hit the big 40...and that may be the reason for the change of tactics.The sushi was good...and in case you are wondering why I am waffling..well..the white wine comments hardly fill a posting...
Christmann Gimmeldinger
Riesling trocken 2007

Pfalz, Germany

The usual comments...crisp, elegant, youthful austerity...reserved acidity..but this one was not going to pop it's head up and me now....I found it very ordinary...and just a touch too dry with the fruit available. I guess this young Riesling search is gonna be swings and roundabouts..and down to personal styles.

Points 15 € 10
But there was that cigar....

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