Monday, March 28, 2016

Great Red Wine

These meetings we really look forword to. Once a month and you bring something special or interesting.
As I knew the others would be bringing white I spent a long time in my celler for something to 'knock 'em out'.
Robert and Volker arrived at our usual haunt Schaab Louis...and the first cork was popped.

Roagna Solea 2013
Langhe, Italy
I was first to try to guess...and instantly said Chardonnay. A nod came...but then an answer saying there was more. What is the other? We went through as many white grapes as we knew...and only as an afterthought said Nebbiolo. Robert does like to make it difficult for us. This is like a Blanc de Noir.
Apricots, peaches, flowers and light honey in a round, supple style.
Points 16.5

Volker had sent me a wine list from a local restaurant in Nierstein.
It was endless...although there only seems to be 1 or 2 bottles of every wine.
The vintages are 10 - 20 years old...and the prices very attractive.
His wine this evening had been selected and purchased.

St. Antony Pettental Riesling 2003
Rheinhessen, Germany
Clear petroleum...ripe Riesling.. I guessed 2003...although not through negativity of the hot vintage. This was just perfect. Good winemakers make good wine in difficult years.
Volker had brought along a newer vintage...2013 if I remember...but the style has changed...oak is dominant. If it not broken...why mend it...seemed the perfect phrase.
The 2003 gets
Points 17.5 from me.

Friedrich Becker Pinot Noir 2009
Pfalz, Germany
The absolute top wine from Becker. 'Tafelwein' he used to call it. The grapes grow over the border in France. This has been slumbering in the celler a couple of years...bought when it was 'cheaper'. Price is relative!
Newer vintages cost € 120,-- but if they are like this then they are worth every penny / cent! 
Toasty oak...dive in and enjoy. Pure Pinot fruit...and to me...the oak is just perfect. Traces of cherries and milk chocolate. Great mouthful and a lingering aftertaste.
The guys...who mark out of 100...gave it 97/98...praise indeed from these experts.
I don't give 19 to often...but this wine just threatened me with every sip.
Points 19
The guys asked me about our last meeting... I had not posted anything.
Time, health, holiday...was my excuse.
What I do remember was the wine I had brought along. 
Patience is a virtue...and my wine for the evening had been in the cellar 20 years.
However...patience seemed to leave me on this evening...I just could not wait to try it...and had not taken notes on the two wines offered by my buddies.
Chateau Lynch-Bages 1989
Pauillac, France

The trouble was...I had opened it 4 hours previously...and sniffed to check. That sniff made me impatient. patience in leaving this bottle in the celler had repaid me.
Deep ruby colour. Nose a touch of eucalyptus, cedar, black fruits, the usual cigar box and lead pencils. The palate just knocks you out. Loads of have refrain from taking big gulps. Super balance. Top top wine.

Points 19.5