Friday, June 27, 2008

Call Me Don

I am a godfather (The Don Corleone of Wine?)...2 times is my niece in England..and the other is here in Germany..Merle is her name...'little stinky'(my name for her) on the right. She and her sister (Lisa)...and their parents..came over and we barbecued....wonderful evening..fascinating to see youngsters evolve..Merle is 2 years 'older' than her birth certificate..and understands my wicked sense of choice really..I was 'chosen' before she ever got asked. The parents Christiane and wine...and a bottle of the Zalwander followed the white...
Dönnhoff Weissburgunder trocken 2007
Nahe, Germany

I have to be honest..I am not a big fan of the grape in Germany...nice wines..but usually leave me saying...don't ring us..we'll ring you! Nice to say then..that this was delicious. Soft and creamy..quite full..with an elegant style..and nice acidity..keeping it lively..minerals evolve on the tongue...perfect for a warm summer evening.
Points 16.25
€ 11.50

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Joe said...

I saw this...actually a different Donnhoff than the one I tasted (I had the "S") - would love to find this one.