Sunday, March 29, 2015


'Gesundheit' in German means good health...and is usually offered to you when a Birthday comes along. As you grow tend to accept it more freely. No more rolling the eyes and thinking it is worth nothing. December, January and February were months that had me thinking...this ain't life as you want it. Tests, hospital, Dr. Google...were not finding anything. Back, leg, neck, jaw...all showing symptoms...fog head...tiredness, weary, on edge...and me...a happy-go-lucky guy. Having been in a strenuous business for 40 learn never to give up. A recent visit again to 'Dr. Google' had me visiting someone who did the whole lot of tests...blood, etc. etc (don't want you knowing too much)...and it seems my body does not get rid of Histamine as it should and the rest gets infected. I knew about it 2 years ago...but learned to live with it. Still will...but am on a 'diet' for a few weeks. The blood tests did have some postives...if they had not known my age...they would have guessed around thirty and I have a chance to live to 100!!
Also having some 'Dorn Treatment' for my back. My shoulders were like magnesium infusions and vitamin D...and taking various tablets. Plus...eating fruit every day (was my wife has said for years I eat too little)
No red wine, no beer, no pork, no spinach, no tomatoes. Only the first one is a problem...and I have agreed to stick with the white variety. Good time of year as , hopefully, the weather will beg for something cool. The three months did not mean I did not drink any wine...just that the thought of writing about it was too much. I needed my strength for my daily life. I did note some wines...but cannot find will show a few photos...of  my March Birthday wines...celebrated over 2 days with family...and then coffee friends.
If you missed you know why. If you did not...please ignore the above.