Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Big O!

I play football (soccer to you lot outside of Europe) every sunday. One of the group stopped me on the street recently and, knowing my love for music and my DJ hobby, asked me about a song his wife had heard on the radio called 'Mystery Girl'..she loved it..and had somehow managed to catch the name. I knew already but waited.. 'Do You Know Roy Orbison'?...
Know him...The Big O! ..I have everything he ever did..................!!!!.

'Only The Lonely'..'Dream Baby'..Pretty Woman'.....but hang on..this is a wine blog.....where were we?..Anyway...I told him I would put all Roy's hits on a CD..he wanted to surprise his wife. Next day he called to collect the disc..and kindly gave me the bottle of wine ( he must have also heard I drank once in a while)
Some mild Indian food was the order of the day...and so I decided his present would match well. I collected the food from the restaurant...and it always amuses me when I hear a foreign language..then a couple of English or German words thrown in. In this the waiter called into the kitchen inquiring about the food..and the ingredients...he suddenly threw in 'Mint Yoghurt'..then continued on his merry way in Indian. Maybe there is no translation...must go to google...

Flick Wickerer Mönchsgewann
Riesling Spätlese trocken 2006
Rheingau, Germany
Flick was one of the few growers who had success with the 2006 Vintage.
Clean, light Riesling nose..some peaches...a touch of the rest sweetness....but this complimented the food.
13% alcohol...which you never notice. Pleasant, easy drinking.

Points 14.5 stated..the 2006 Vintage was very difficult in Germany....but 2007 is gonna be a bomb. Already ordering a whole range of this space.

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