Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Perfect Sunday

Sunday's comprise of playing football (soccer) in the morning..watching some on TV later..and every second sunday..doing my Radio Show. Today..sunshine...warm...a quick photo of a bird in it's nest in the garden..not sure for how long though as the local cat is prowling..but I have put up poles to prevent it getting a running leap.
The football pitch was dry for the first time in weeks....perfect. We drew 4-4 (not perfect)..and I scored a great headed goal (I chose the word 'great' carefully..awesome would have been too much)..and injured my right hand (also not perfect) off to the doctor's tomorrow. After a lazy hazy Radio Show chose a good bottle and sat outside for the first time this year. Simple food of sliced potatoes from the oven with some bacon and salami....and.......this is what you have been waiting for (all the above is of no interest to anyone except me and the
A Pinot Noir from California. A favourite vineyard of mine. Jim Clendenen has a large range of PN's and I have never been disappointed. I wanted to try the 2005 but this was offered we go..

Au Bon Climat 'Le Bon Climat Vineyard'

Pinot Noir 2004
California, U.S.A
Cool, slightly reserved bouquet at first... I like to open wines and 'live with them' as they develope...after all..I'm going to spend 2 hours with this one...After 45 minutes it opened up....and became as 'one' with the flavour...which was attractive from the word go...very up-front..loads of jammy fruit...ripe strawberries..some cherry..some marzipan...reined in oak..with good acidity...will age well...
Points 18


Shea said...

Yep, I love ABC too. I will have to check out this single vineyard. The whites are also fantastic. Have you ever checked out the 'sister' winery Qupe run by Bob Lidquist? They make some mighty fine syrah.

Barry said...

Hi Shea,
Had a white recently
Check my archives March 2008..Memorable Pinot Tasting...a 'Santa Barbara' 2006 was very good

Can't remember trying Qupe..will keep a lookout.

BTW..added your blog to my links..couldn't find an email on your blog

Shea said...

Thanks, I've done likewise.

Edward said...


Sounds like a beautiful day, other than the sore hand. At least it wasn't an injury to your nose ;)