Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Kicking The Habit

I was planning to drink this over two days..I refrained from decanting it..after all my Pinot Noir bottles recently..I wanted something that would help me 'kick the habit' gently...and this seemed the solution.

Quinta do Crasto Old Vines Reserva 2005
Douro, Portugal
If you read various sources..between 60- 80 year-old vines..but the back of the bottle says 70 years old..and they should know! Made up of 25-30 grape types....sounds like a real old 'melange'.

Deep..secretive dark red-black colour...a nose that gives you cassis and vanilla and some smoke..the palate throws up dark cherries, marzipan, spices...concentration..and ripe, sweet tannins...towards the end of the 'first' half..the tannins became a little more dominant..but never obtrusive...delicate but powerful.

Day two..24 hours later...aroma of dry port(Douro is the home of Port)..the components have knitted together more...but the tannins seem dryer and more dominant...not quite as 'exotic' and rich as previous day...needed food.

If you were told to drink only a glass of wine a day..this is a good choice...as it will last over a period of days.

My tip for the BEST time..decant 6 hours before drinking..and share with a friend!

Points 17.25+

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