Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Back On The Habit

Yes.. I know...I was attempting to 'kick the habit' of Pinot Noir..but someone pointed me to an article in the New York Times..and as I was sympathetic to those drinkers in the U.S.A.(OK ..only a little)...and so my taste buds drew me to this bottle in the cellar..and I can I criticise Amy Winehouse..when I can't stop taking MY drug?

2003 was a HOT vintage in Germany...sometimes it just mesmerized the grapes...but made by a good is an experience. The secret was to keep some sort of balance..and not let the heat dominate.

Knipser Großkarlbacher Burgweg Spätburgunder
Auslese Trocken 2003

Lots of smoke at first..then ripe fruit..raspberries...quite a full mouthful..
with lots of sweet fruit..and a nice tang of tannin..and good acidity holds this together.
Points 17.75

PS....Spätburgunder Vintages

One should not 'generalise' it depends very much on the 'man behind the wheel'..but someone wrote recently..that they had tasted wines from 2004 that didn't appeal...I can identify with that...however..the vintage may show better with age.
2003 was very good I stated above..the grower got it right.
2005 is the one...nearly every wine I have tasted has been VERY drinkable young..and many will develope over the next few them...then join me in the cellar as we secretly sniff our drug.


Joe said...

you might want to see a doctor about that addiction - fortunately I can't get a fix over here.

Anonymous said...

I have Pinot Noit illness as well. I can't seem to kick it.