Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I Savvy Savigny

Arriving back after the break..there was a large case of wines...
wonder how that happened?...

There were some French bottles in there...So....
After blogging at Joes's I decided to try
a 'lesser' Burgundy Appellation as well.

Also..I need to try some French 'Pinot' see how
they compare quality & price-wise with the
German version..Spätburgunder.
Claude Marechal Savigny-les-Beaune
Vieilles Vignes 2005
Burgundy, France
I have already written that the vintage 2005 was a great one for white Burgundy..well..the reds are not far behind.
Very fine colour...medium deep ruby...a little meaty on the nose..then strawberries and flowers....a clear bed of soft silky tannins...a trace of vanilla..already very approachable..and after 2 hours was fuller and more rounded..
A 20 Euros price tag seems very reasonable...
Points 16.75

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Joe said...

Hi Barry - The economist in me tells me that Spätburgunder must be a worse price:quality ratio simply due to limited supply and Barry's voracious appetite for them. Funny, I haven't tasted many of the '05 whites, but I have found a bunch of good values in the reds. Sounds like we need to get together someday and do a Spätburgunder vs. Burgundy tasting, similar prices.