Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Ellwanger Way

After tasting this grower's Nicodemus I wasn't sure what style I would be
getting here. Agreed...the
aforementioned wine was a mix of other
grapes...but can Bordeaux growers
produce Burgundy...see what I mean?.
Well..if you had blindfolded me and
let me taste 10 different bottles of
Spätburgunder...I think I would have
chosen the correct one. A case of the
grower putting his own mark on the
wines..and why not..cos in this case..
it works.

Ellwanger Hebsacker Lichtenberg Spätburgunder trocken 2005
Erstes Gewächs

Württemberg, Germany

Soft, quite creamy nose, elegant style..some dark cherries...and the first sip convinces me..this is very good indeed..medium weighted..lots of juice makes it readily drinkable now..some cocoa and chocolate notes...but there is a soft core of tannins..and that 'masculine' style of the grower.
Points 17.25...and well priced..€20..this is a 'Erstes Gewächs'(First Growth)..and methinks a tip to buy..if you ever find any..

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