Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wine Ain't Nothing But A Number

Age ain't nothing but a number to be correct....
Recently read in Decanter magazine that German wine labels are still confusing to consumers...the writer then explained 'It's easy..when you know how.'
This photo of the most EXTREME example made me smile. It is much easier nowadays...once you learn the main words. Generally it is the Riesling wines that maybe confuse the most people.Red wines are fairly easy in comparison...Which leads me to today's wine...Nelles 1479 B48 Spätburgunder...which got me thinking...All those who are scared of wine-lists in restaurants..unable to pronounce the names..expecting a grin from the sommelier...would have things easier with 'We'll take a white with the starter..the 353 A47..followed by a red 3216 X22...'
The chinese..who are taking over the world at the moment..would have no trouble with numbers on their restaurant menus....
But enough of this frivolity...
Nelles named the wine after the birth year of the winery. His top Spätburgunder is a B52..this B48 being the next one down.At about this age..the second wines I have tried from the Ahr always show much better..this is no exception.
Nelles 1479 B48 Spätburgunder 2005
Ahr, Germany
Gentle, classy aroma...creamy with wild fruits...the silky smoothness on
the palate is backed up with a dose of oak..some vanilla and soft approachable tannins...some spiciness...a real delight..and so drinkable....I almost emptied the bottle..these wines are just so enticing...
As to marking..it almost made the magic 18...maybe it will in a year.
Points 17.75

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