Sunday, April 27, 2008

Swiss Made(s)

Swiss cheese...everywhere.
Swiss watches..easy to buy..if your pocket is deep enough(remember this point as we continue).
Swiss's not right..where was I?.......ah yes..
Swiss Wine.
You walk into any wine store or supermarket and you see thousands of bottles of it.??!!..If you really have been eating too much cheese!!
The truth hardly ever see it on general offer..only from 'specialists'.
There used to be a Swiss chain of restaurants in Germany..Mövenpick..but all you ever got was a white Fendant!
Have times changed?...well..not really...the Swiss keep their wines to themselves..but I have found a few goodies..Gantenbein and Chappaz. As to prices..remember the Swiss watches?
It depends what you will pay for a wine..the prices of the two below are in my price range (I haven't got one all wine freaks will identify with)..BUT..are they worth what is in the glass?
Domaine Simon Maye
Pinot Noir Vieilles Vignes 2005
Wallis, Switzerland
Palish, dusty strawberry nose...a rustic style...dry tannins...fruit at the back...
This was enjoyable..but down the list of wines that I would buy at this price. This costs € I expect a liitle least € 5 too much...but they have to subsidise the cheese you know..
Points 16.75

This house is known for it's Syrah..and I was after their Vieilles Vignes..which had very good reviews...but I could only obtain the simple bottling.

Domaine Simon Maye
Syrah 2003
Wallis, Switzerland
Deep dark colour...earthy aromas..chunky & funky..really rude nose...but one-dimensional..I kept hoping somewhere the flowers would appear from the desert...but it remained reserved and slightly boring. At € 23 I would prefer this French Syrah..better value.
Points 15


Joe said...

My only Swiss experience was a Fendant, rather unimpressive at the price, but ok wine. Extremely rare here, but more available than Spatburgunder! Of course I only drink under $12 now...

Barry said...

..better than drinking under the table...JUST!

and for $12 you will only get Swiss Cheese..mouse size portions...