Monday, June 29, 2009

Mad To Eat Madras, No Win With A Vindaloo

I'd been craving for a Indian curry for a few days playing soccer on Sunday(humid weather but we won 7-5)..I collected some food from the restaurant...and, on returning from my Radio Show..we sat outside in the garden. The Madras curry was delicious and not too hot so as to make it unmatchable with a wine. I've just purchased a few Grüner Veltliner..and decided on this mid-range example.
Loimer Grüner Veltliner 'Terrassen' 2007
Kamptal, Austria

Voted by Falstaff as best wine in it's class in this super vintage and one can see w
hy. Reserved nose..trace of the smoky character...improved with airing...crunchy spices on the palate....white pepper....fresh..clear fruit...the acidity at the back..leaving the rest to impress you...tight minerals...this goes down SO sandpapered velvet. Hard to leave alone on a warm summer's evening....even the Madras had to accept defeat.
Points 16.75
Here we go again....memories...back in the 60' evening out in the pub was followed by a visit to any of the many Indian restaurants...the intention being..the curry would help you recover from the excess beer. Over a period of time you got used to the Madras curry and didn't have to gulp water (or beer if you hadn't had enough already). I applied for a job and had to go to London. I didn't get the one I wanted....but was offered another in Bristol...which changed my small decision. Anyway...after the interview...I wandered the streets and found an Indian restaurant with a large milk machine by the entrance. I was met by a smiling waiter..and after leading me to my table..he presented me with the menu. I was feeling good...and when he returned I decided (for the first time ever) to order a 'Vindaloo'..which is the next step up from Madras. 'Beef Vindaloo please'...his eyes widened..'Oh No No No sir...NO'....I tried again ' A Beef Vindaloo please' ...and the same reaction....OK are have a new job.. you will be leaving decide and I did. He left shaking his head. I was day-dreaming about the future...and after 20 minutes..he returned with a dark red fiery plate. Was there a scowl as he placed it in front of me? He left before I could order some water. I checked to see where he was.....and saw he was standing near the kitchen...his eyes fixed on me. Not to be defeated....I plunged my fork into the 'heatwave' and propelled it into my mouth. Hmmm...meat is tender...very nice..what is all the fuss about...YIKES...oh no..this is hot...very hot..where is that water I should have ordered...can't can't call him...think Barry..think. The milk machine..carton milk...quick as I could I headed for the door...searching my pocket for the correct amount...I forced the coin into my 'saviour'...there was a cluck-cluck-cluck and the milk appeared. I tore open the carton..and my head looking to the stars..I gulped and gulped and gulped......ahhh...saved...and as I finally decided I could take a normal breath..I saw..out of the corner of my eye..the head of the waiter nodding his head up and if to say..... 'I Warned You'.
I managed to finish the meal..with some ordered water.
Most Indians drink Whiskey with their strong curries..which sounds like pouring petrol on a burning fire


Joe said...

whiskey and vindaloo - I can already feel the you eat vindaloo regularly, or did you give it up at age 21?

Barry said...

Joe..once since.. a couple of years ago.....I could set fire to my fingernails..cheaper and quicker pain!