Friday, June 26, 2009

Across Europe in 3 Days

How about this for a trip..Spain..through Germany to Austria(Hungary)..all in the space of 3 days....all about the same price..under the € 20,-- mark......

Muga Reserva 2005
Rioja, Spain

A traditional said on the merchant's list...and I remember lovely 'typical' examples in the
70's...enticing with vanilla and cream..and soft gentle tannins. I wouldn't say this is the same is more in between the young and old method. Wild dark berries hit the nostrils..dark chocolate..concentrated fruit..medium tannins which pop their heads up to tell you this will age...quite complex.
Points 16.5 Price: € 17,--

Some pasta with fresh 'Pfifferling'..and fried Quails....

Seeger Cuveé AnnA 2006
Baden, G
The Seeger property is in the town of Leimen...probably more famous as the birthplace of Boris Becker (love the story about him buying a new house near has 3 bedrooms & 20 broom closets!!!). Seeger wins prizes for his top Pinot Noir 'S..'R'... & 'RR'...they are costly...but I must try them soon. This is much more approachable moneywise..€ 18,--.
A cuveé of Spätburgunder, Lemberger(Blaufränkisch and Schwarzriesling(Pinot Meunier). Named after his Grannie..Anna..An intense very clear colour...closed at & reserved..but opened with airing...the soft Pinot is hugged by the earthy idea what the Meuni
er is doing...maybe they give out the smoky aroma..but it works wonderfully well. A big bowl of juicy fruits tingle the tongue....a serious wine but very quaffable..can be enjoyed now..but the bouquet needs a few years......I must try the Pinot Noirs.
Points 17.25 Price: € 19,--

Uwe Schiefer Blaufränkisch 'Pala' 2007
Südburgenland, Austria

Strangely..on the day I had this..I had done some business in Hungary. Checking the label...the grapes were grown in Hungary but bottled in Austria
Am I influenced by my eyes when drinking?....this has a blue tint...medium thick berry aromas...peppery & a Hungarian Goulasch...but with a back layer of soft fruit...fresh & open...needs food to show it's best side..good value...
Points 16.5 Price. € 17,--

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Anonymous said...

Bob here from Alberta.......your note on the Muga is of interest so thanks. Varied press reports these days on this bodega.