Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Spanish Weekend

A weekend with a Spanish theme....Saturday..after a visit to the River Rhein..we stopped over at a Spanish Tapas Restaurant..'El Sur'. We hadn't booked...there was an offer of Shrimps..all you could inside was was the garden area...we eventually found a table...sat down..and noticed it was cooler when you sit..and the sun had gone down at 7.30. We covered up as best we could with our available clothing and ordered a cold plate of Tapas...I wanted to try a glass of the Rioja..but it was sold the waiter recommended...
Mas Donis Celler de Capcanes 2006,
Monsant, Spain.
A cuvée from mainly Garnacha and a small amount of Syrah..spends a small period of 3 months in French & U.S. Barrels. Quite full in colour..fresh..fruity style some raspberries....dark cherry..and an earthy peppery touch...reser
ved tannins and acidity...good finish. The 0,2 glass was ordered twice more during the evening......
Points 16
As the place was buzzing..we ordered our main courses....and moved inside around 9.30...and the meals reached us around 9.45.
At least we were warmer by now..and we left around 11.00. I suffered at night...eating so late..and a hefty lamb course swimming in oil was no help. A good place to visit..but plan it better next time!

Sunday evening..I had managed to recover..and we had the last of this year's white Asparagus. Time to delve into that mixed case of Spanish wines.

Remirez de Ganuza Blanco
'Erre Punto' 2007

Rioja, Spain
60% Viura & 40% Ma
lvasia..13.5% Alcohol.....5 months in new & old yellow colour...clean aroma..perfect light oaky smell...this just caressed the barrels...yippee...some melons and peaches..and roses..the acidity bounces back and fro..this is a lively wine..a serious wine for warm summer evenings..lying nicely on the palate..if only all white Rioja was like this....bravo.
Points 16.25

The 'late meal' reminded me of a visit to Almeria a few years ago...where I found a restaurant the locals did not know about. I had a snack on the main boulevard at the restaurant(as is normal in Spain) did not open until 9pm. Once in the restaurant I was invited into the wine cellar to choose wine..the starter(large) arrived at 10pm..and the main course at 11pm. I said to my business partners at the table..I need to eat earlier normally..they answered 'ah, but you are in Spain now' which I replied..'Yes..I know that..but my stomach doesn't'!!

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