Saturday, July 04, 2009

Ossobuco alla Romana

If I had to be nailed down to my favourite all-time would be a top Meursault. I was lucky enough in the early 80's to try many of the best properties..Coche-Dury comes to mind...
Back then..they were just about affordable.....but I guess others found my 'secret'...and they never seem to be around nowadays...probably taken before they are in bottle. Lafon is a top property..and it's nice to get hold of one of his 'lesser' wines. He purchased some vines in the Maconnais 10 years ago...
Comte Lafon Macon-Milly Lamartine 2007 Burgundy, France
The first impression is of citrus...grapefruit....attractive soft burnt aroma..a decent level of vanilla..quite complex..and a lively mouthful...the hand of a master...stony minerals...
Points 16.5 Price € 20,--

Then some reds..that were paired with some Ossobuco alla Romana...which I had over 3 gets better day by day...
Protos Crianza 2005
Ribeiro del Duero, Spain
Quite, purple rim...and a wine perfect from start to finish..Whatcha smell is whatcha get on the palate...
I like cinnamon..and that's the first impression..there is also chocolate and dark fruits...vanilla..this spends 12 months in American oak there is a soft thick fruit feel....but the 14% alcohol just never worries you...intense...and I know it may be an obvious observation...but it is like a dry port...the brittle tannins add some needed backbone.
Points 17.25 Price € 19,--

Adeneuer Spätburgunder No1 2006
Ahr, Germany
The Ahr region is RED wine country....hardly anything else is grown by the top estates. The slender bottle used for this wine has put on weight this vintage....and 2006 was even better than 2005. Pale colour...instantly appealing nose...soft strawberry with a creamy touch...and seems more forward at this stage of it's life..the 2005 was backward.....I would say drink now..and enjoy this soft, classic Pinot...
Points 17 Price € 24,--

Jacob Sebastian Heimersheimer Berg Spätburgunder Alte Rebe 2006
Ahr, Germany
Would this be a poor choice to follow the Adeuener...never..was better...georgeous nose...cinnamon and dark cherries...a real terroir wine...very little oak..a real juicy fruit wine...firm but open..soft but no softy..really layers the tongue with ripe Pinot...a wine to drink..a wine to buy...delicious
Points 17.25 Price €21,--

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