Wednesday, June 17, 2009

La Primera Vino

Somebody has to be first....and this is the one I chose from the Spanish 'Box of Tricks'
Bodegas Acústic Celler Braó 2006

Montsant, Spain

Made from 65 plus year old vines...45% Garnacha & 55% Samso....up-front information..this is young and will age..but it's all wrapped in a soft glove to make it instantly appealing today. Purple colour...cinnamon on the nose..fruit compote..dark cherry..autumn leaves....and you feel the intensity of the old vines...the palate shows some fine oak help...never obtrusive..peppery touch to combat the softness..a gentle bed of tannins..loads of crunchy minerals and an injection of acidity at the sounds a living wine..and it could exchange views with fellow drinkers with this one..everyone would find something more....but as I drank it alone...I should maybe have sat across from a mirror..but then I would have been you have to make do with the above comments..which make it worth..
Points 17.5

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Joe said... made me look that one up, I thought I could add it to my collection of must drink weird grapes. This is not a wine to drink alone Barry, save one...