Saturday, June 20, 2009

Three Oohs, Three Ahhs, & An 18 Pointer

Our regular meeting at the local Bistro...I had to try some of the newer additions to the cellar....the usual 'mob' was with me...
Kuhn Sauvignon Blanc Mandelpfad trocken 2008
Pfalz, Germany

I had the 2007 in March..any was very impressed...but no more when this 2008 came onto the market I snapped up 3 bottles. Open and sniffed...and the SB is very dominant...but with airing and an octopus salad as lost the extreme smell and showed spices, a good weight...trace of the melons...thinking back..the 2007 was opened well in advance..and was a great I should not be too critical and try this again in 2-3 months with maybe a decant (don't hold me to the all seems hard work with white wine..and is a devil to keep cool)
Points 16.5

R & C Schneider Spätburgunder 2006' Parzelle Schönenberg'
Baden, Germany
Ah...regulars will know I have tried the 2005 a few times at 'Rebstock' in Waldulm....and had heard that the 2006 was better!!!! Tried to find some...nada...but as it is with us vino-nuts..the wine gods look down on us...and reward us for good choices...I was checking a wine-list on the net...finding nothing that really appealed...and there in the middle..was this wine. I went mad..and ordered 6 bottles..and this evening wanted to share it with Volker & Robert. was it...well firstly...I had decided we would try this..then the Rioja...which was the correct order....but as you will read...we should have maybe finished this bottle first...ah..hindsight..that's not to say this was not very good...and could well attain the heights of the 2005...certainly tighter and reined in...lovely strawberry fruit..and soft tannin coating..more 'serious' than the voluptuous ' I am not worried that the other 5 are down below.
Points 17.25...but let's try this again..on it's own-some..
Óscar Tobía Reserva 2004
Rioja, Spain
...and so to the Spanish Sinner...that left us in awe....opened and is good..intense minerals...sour cherries and plums...a trace of the oak...the worry I had that this was gonna be a 'Blockbuster Fruit Monster' (14%) was foundless..a wonderful easy feeling on the palate..fills the mouth..roasted tones...this is 90% Tempranillo and 10% Otras and spends 21 months in French and Hungarian oak...but no worries about soft sweet woodiness..this is 'new Spain'..we kept oohing and ahhing..and comparing it to Roda and the likes...wonderful texture and a long finish....which I had better do now.
Points 18....without reservation.
and the price...€ 23,--!!!!!

The evening finished with some cigars and banter....ain't life good?

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