Friday, December 12, 2008

Screwing Good Wines

Our regular meet at the Bistro..but only two of us this each of us bought a bottle.
I had spent the whole day thinking what I should take....wanting to maybe choose a Spätburgunder..but are getting boring Barry...Luckily, I was on my bike and peddling the route when I started to waver Shafer it was. I had been torn between the 1991 and the 1992..but had decided on the latter. Into the Bistro..quick cover-up before Volker arrived..and then open the bottle. I had taken 3 tools with me. The old fashioned 'pull it till your back hurts' corkscrew, the modern screwpull, and the recently discussed 'butler's friend'. The screwpull entered the top of the cork..and was at once than spend the night with back-ache..James the Butler was called upon. He spread his legs..and entered the bottle...a shake of the left and a shake of the right..and a push gently downwards..when in..start the music (I'm getting carried away here)..and a few waggles...and there she was...a long one..slightly moist. A quick whiff..and then sit back and wait to see what Volker had brought.

With both bottles covered-up...what to drink first..but we decided on experience that his was the opener. Grilled octopus was our starter...and the wine red...well I could only hope for..yes...!!! a Spätburgunder. Now..all that worrying e
arlier that I would get the 'shakes' if I didn't get my SB fool Barry.
Karlsmühle Peter Geißen
Lorenzhöfer Spätburgunder 2005
Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Germany
First smell..German..and a taste...2005...nothing difficult yet..'just guess the area' said Volker. it backwards...say what it isn't..Not Baden, Not Franken, Not Ahr, Rheingau & Pfalz..nope.
Not Rheinhessen?..Shake of the head...hmmm..then in despair I casually said..'don't tell me it's the Mosel'...answer....'yep..Ruwer' is a first. Volker had been there is near to Trier..and in a small 'Gasthaus' had tried the local red and had been impressed...and to rights...a cherry nose..this has a soft gentle sweetness..serious enough..but also gulpable..slight burnt edge on the palate..keeping the fruit interesting...very juicy. The 2005 vintage was obviously perfect for this wine..Volker mentioned he had tried the 2003 which was not as good. A lovely surprise..and a must-buy..but you'll never find it.
Points 16.5
I was recently chatting to a wine writer and saying how, if the climate changes continued, as some point reds will take over the Mosel. I doubt it completely..but you never know... turn now....
I had ordered lamb...aged Cabernet is a PERFECT match...
Shafer Hillside Select
Cabernet Sauvignon 1992

Stag's Leap, California, U.S.A.

An opaque dark color, minty after
opening..but an hour later this showed soft leather, cigar-box smells and a complex nose of minerals, some chocolate... silky, constantly changing with each sip. A 'living wine'..which I love.. still beautifully poised...tannins almost away with the fairies...but this has another 10 years of life in it. Very good
Points 18


Shea said...

The Hillside Select is a fabulous wine. The aged stuff will make many reconceive of Napa, imo.

Joe said...

I was getting all excited and then...ANOTHER Spätburgunder! Did you buy that Shafer upon release or pick it up more recently?

Barry said...

Shafer..on name is Fowden..not Rothschild!!

I must look up what I paid for it..bought it about 3 years after release...still have one bottle of the 1991.

The other wine..Spätburgunder... was not down to me..but it was a real lovely first decent red from the can't have had one of those!

Joe said...

Well Barry von Rothschild, I have never had a red Mosel - never a red German wine, actually - Pinot, Zweigelt and Blaufrankish from Austria, Pinot Noir from Alsace, but never a German red.