Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chateau Canada

Popped into my local wine buy a few odd bottles to try. Robert is the owner of the 'Hanglage'. I told him I was trying to wean myself off Spä that the Blog readers could see how I deal with 'others'. We discussed a few wines..then, as an afterthought, he produced the 3 wines from Crusius....which I bought. Hey...I did try..blame Robert!!! I also purchased 3 you can see in the photo. As he packed the wines away....and as I had mentioned some Canadian readers of the blog..he produced a wine....which I almost bought..until I heard the price. Osoyoos Larose 2003
Okanagan Valley

British Columbia
A Bordeaux blend.....tell me it is a world beater and I may go back for it.


Joe said...

You neglected the most important detail - how much for the Osoyoos Larose? I think I paid around C$40 for that one. World beater? No, but competitive (it's a joint venture between Gruaud Larose and a Canadian company) - a novelty item at 23 Euros, above 30 and that is some serious coin - buy a Bordeaux instead.

Barry said...

The could be had for mid € 40's but my small merchant sells it at it's not worth it.
I'll buy a Petrus instead!!?/!%%!!!