Monday, December 08, 2008

Pinot Cuvee

As stated previously..Xmas is 3 days for me...not from the end of November until the middle of January(when our tree is cut down to size). I was out shopping on Saturday..and the Christmas market was opened..I fought my way through it..and came across a vendor selling books and wine. I saw the label Künstler...and stopped to investigate. Strangely...about 7 years ago..again at a Xmas market..I tasted my first red from this was a 1999...and I thought then..if the reds in Germany can produce this quality..then I will be a happy bunny. Well..I to the vendor...the bottle was a 2005 and was going at 20% less.

Künstler Hochheimer Reichestal Spätburgunder 'R' 2005
Rheingau, Germany

Medium deep with a pale edge..strawberry fool aroma..real 'sweet' fruit..confiture..and to be honset..over intense for me. The 2005 vintage softened many a big wine in it's more restrained vintage would have been adaptable for this wine. Less jam & more toast.
Points 16

Markowitsch Pinot Noir 2005
Carnuntum, Austria
This is the basic wine from this will look out for the 'Reserve'
This is probably as different again to the above...trace of mushroom on the
nose..'piquant' Pinot...very brambly...dry tannins...medium weight.
Points 16

You know what...these two should have gotten together in a decanter..methinks a cuvee would show better

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