Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Ain't That Bad!

Don't you just love Xmas. Ignore my previous posts..
I just got a few parcels of wine from people we do business with. Hey....even Scrooge lightened up later in the story by Dickens!. The fame of being a blogger (or more likely the hints dropped in general conversation) means I now no longer get 'send – on – presents' (you've all done it....given your present to someone else) I get wine. Merry Xmas!
I decided to open this bottle of white with some's a present for Xmas...and it's not here yet..BUT..if I can get festive cards at the end of November..then I am allowed to drink my wine 10 days before.
Mirone Viura Muscat 2007
Campo de Borja, Spain
Synthetic closure. In the glass it looked silky and polished.
Muscat can be dominant..but with the mix only 7%...the rest being Viura..we should be safe. Following on from the appearance..this has a silky texture...easy drinking...basically dry...but could be drank by the 'wanna-be-a-dry-wine-drinker'..with the Muscat kicking in as the wine opened. Ripe tropical fruit dominates..and this would go down with every guest at Christmas...which solves Joe's problem.
Points 15

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