Saturday, December 20, 2008

Crusius's Girls

Dr. Crusius owns some of the best plots
on the Nahe. Riesling is his forté.
Less than 10 % grown are red grapes.
His style of red is fuller than most
seen in Germany.

Twins?....not is what she shows...from start to finish..the other developes a butt...a Jennifer Lopez wine if you like.
First up was Jenny.
Dr.Crusius Traiser
Spätburgunder trocken 2007

Nahe, Germany
Reserved nose...but this is a € 10,-- let's see if she has more to offer..delicate fruit..more strawberry than cherry...not bad up to now..and nicely weighted..goes well with the pizza...enough fruit...then..BAM!!!..a back palate finish...reminded me of the old Riojas with their vanilla kick. The 14% has set in..and you get a big butted, ripe, good feeling style. Dr Crusius has made an attractive well-priced wine here.
Points 16.25

Next day....the other sibling...same father..different mother. She was a slender girl.
Dr.Crusius Traiser
Frühburgunder trocken 2007

Nahe, Germany
Clear cherry..a little more refined up-front...delicate..but still not shy...more juicy than Miss Lopez..
hardly any tannin....13.5 %...again..easy drinking everyday wine with interest for all.
Points 16

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