Friday, October 31, 2008

Weights & Measures

Drinking with wine friends is's nice to share and chat about wine..and..two...there is never difficulty with the amount....usually there is one person who manages the glassful left in the bottle. Drinking alone (sounds bad when you say that!)...means to me, on average, about 0.5 litres....two-thirds of a bottle if you are bad at maths. I could drink a whole bottle of a soft wine...but usually a large glassful remains..and with heavier wines...a half-bottle to be consumed the next evening. This has it's downfalls..if the air it got leaves you saying next day..'if only I could drink more'. The plus may have developed more. Swings and Roundabouts. Half bottles are fine in this situation.....but I never buy them...because...0.375 is too little. You get my gist. My wife used to help with whites..but she can't drink red wine. The wine of the previous post was still excellent next point!
The 6 pack from Spain contained a half of the vintage full bottle available..and I thought it will have developed a little more in the demi-bouteille.
Descendientes de J. Palacios
Villa de Corullón 2004
Bierzo, Spain
It spends 12 months in Barrique..and the fruit reminds you of black cherries..and a gentle after-whiff of vanilla. Complex on the palate..and although plenty of power..there is an elegance..crunchy tannins..this is why I started drinking Spanish Wines again a few years ago. A touch of 'port' tar maybe...and a long constant finish.
Points 17.5...drink now if you like the style..but a few years in bottle..and you have a little goodie.

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Joe said...

You're absolutely right - those half bottles are just plain too small, and costly as well. I was looking forward to your note on the Corullon - about C$70/bottle here so I can't bring myself to it...