Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween Treat

October get on my soap box originated in Ireland..and was taken to the U.S.A....where they have celebrated it for ages. A few years ago..the German media people got hold of is a long time between Easter and Xmas..and they need a reason to sell more to kids. So..what happens..children of all religions appear at our window....some of Muslem belief..and they are not allowed to eat everything that is in chocolate my wife has to make sure the ingredients are all seems to be changing....the kids love it..and the bosses rake it in...but the whole thing jars with me. After a 'scary' ring of the bell...the treats were shared out...and we decided on the spur of the moment to go to our local Bistro...a quick visit to my cellar to get a bottle..and Stan Laurel's mask seemed an appropriate partner for the photo.

Zehntner Luckert Spätburgunder *** 2004
Auslese trocken

Franken, Germany

Cool style....
gentle spicy SB....soft crushed cherries...creamy nose and on the palate..but held back ..this is 'trocken' remember..quite 'thick'..without overdoing it..very refined and well made in the Franconian style. Went very well with the Lamb in Rucola(Rocket) - Pesto crust.
Points 17.5

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