Sunday, October 05, 2008

Back To The Roots......Again

Twice a year we go to the same place for a short holiday...boring you say..well...wash your mouth out with soap & water. I need short breaks..and as soon as I enter our room and look out from the balcony..I am at 'home'. I know the food will be excellent..and the wine-list is full of treasures. As I said...soap & water...
The view I spoke of......see what I mean?

Work in the vineyards never stops

The wonderful panorama....and two 'new' members of the community

Tuesday 23 September 2008

Try not to drink too much SB was my motto for the week (half succeeded) I ventured to Italy...a fine vintage...
Barbera d'Asti Quorum 2003
Piedmont, Italy
Medium deep colour..ruby-red.....strawberry & blueberry aromas...soft...but good backbone..touch of treacle and truffle....good finish...compact..with elegance.
Behind this consortium are 6 growers..Berta, Braida, Chiarlo, Coppo, Prunotto, & Vietti.
Points 17

Wednesday 24 September 2008
Huber Spätburgunder Wildenstein 2005
Baden, Germany
In May I had tried the 2004...not my favourite vintage..but that had sold out...maybe I had drank the last bottle...and I was pleased to see this 2005 on the list. Classic colour...slightly pale rimmed..elegant for a Huber wine..much more approachable...soft peppery..compact strawberry..excellent balance already...touch of the marzipan fruit I find in top Spätburgunder...dry tight tannins...
Points 18

Thursday 25 September 2008
Umathum Ried Hallebühl 2003
Burgenland, Austria
Deep, dark garnet fruit..peppery and a little chunky...airing helped...spicy..cherries, dark berries and some cocoa...very good food wine....and well-balanced.
This is the Zweigelt grape...and like many Austrian wines...not trying to copy..with a style of it's own.
Points 17.5

Friday 26 September 2008

A surprise for my wife...our daughter arrived with her 'hubby'..we had planned it..Eva had no idea...thought I'd mention this..before someone asks how I drank 3 wines this evening
F.X. Pichler Riesling Smaragd trocken Steinertal 2004
Wachau, Austria
A small valley section on the eastern end of the Wachau, located at the foot of the Loibner Berg and composed of deeply deposited primitive rock.
Concentrated citrus fruits..intense..a touch of grapefruit maybe...heaps of minerals flood from the glass..complex...needs more air than it maybe got...peach tones..and again..grapefruit..lichees...long finish
Points 17.5..with airing..maybe worth more..and will develope beautifully
Pichler's top Riesling 'Unendlich'..was also on the wine has found it's way into my cellar as a thank-you present from my wife...

As I just wanted to relax..and drink a couple of favourites...two wines drank here before..
R & C Schneider Spätburgunder 2005
'Parzelle Schönenberg'
Baden, Germany

Tried this in May 2008 and it was still as impressive. My wife and daughter were chatting intensely...and my daughter sipped this without paying I tell ya...
anyway..she was stopped in her tracks..and left the chat and said..'wow'...this is good...she just about saved herself...

Points 18.25

Salwey Spätburgunder Spätlese Trocken***
Oberrotweiler Kirchberg 2003

Baden, Germany
Had this 2 times already..last time in March 2007...and I needed something to balance out the previous wine....this almost made it...although 2003 was a real hotty..Salway is a master..and the fruit is beautifully integrated with the hot vintage firm tannins.
Points 18

Saturday 27 September 2008
Kopp Spätburgunder 2003
Baden, Germany
Not sure what to went down in the cellar with Herr Hodapp...
Decided on the 2005....the 2003 had been on offer a year ago...and as it sometimes
goes...a member of staff went to the bin..pulled out a Kopp...there were maybe 20 in there..and this 'leftover' was opened and ready to try when I arrived at the table.
After the first taste I thought..a bit 'hot' for 2005....after a few more sips I checked the label..2003..which explained the heat....the Salway is beautifully balanced in 2003...but this one, although OK, was a bit laden with the burnt fruit style...
Points 16

Sunday 28 September 2008
After a stroll..and a salad lunch on the terrace..we went to the local village football(soccer) field..which has a grass bank at the side...a view to die for..and a thouroughly enjoyable game..with the usual red card..a few yellow ones...light abuse for the referee..and 'friendly' banter between supporters. My wife loved it..although she is not a football nut like me...and when the game became uninteressing for her..she counted the men with bald heads..and the women with wide butts....Waldulm won 1-0...down to a mistake by the opposition goalkeeper.
Yacachuya 2003
Cafayete, Argentina
I almost took the Schneider it is so good...but I thought of the blog..and there lies the blame. This is a Michel Rolland 'wine'..he who travels the world giving advice.....highly rated area of Argentina...100% Malbec from 60-year old vines...dark colour..intense fruit...even sweet blackcurrant and a real glass...and I recorked it...and took it home.
The next evening..with 24 hours airing..still not for way a bad wine..just a tasting prize winner...not for me alone at a dinner table....keep travelling Monsieur Rolland....
Points 16.5..more in 10 years...or if you like the style...
PS...the Scheider was ordered and some relief was attained.

Here..two videos for your pleasure...if the film link does not on Video One & Video Two.
The owner of the Rebstock Inn is Karl Hodapp. He kindly invited me to join him on a stroll through the vineyards. He owns the best plot in Waldulm..Pfarrberg. German speakers will understand everything...others..well..he explains how 2008 had rain in April..thus leaving some grapes with mildew..and parts not too healthy..and needing constant snipping...meaning less on the vine...but better quality..there are 120 smaller growers in Waldum..............and nearly all sell on to the local Co-Op (Winzergenossenschaft).Some growers may well have more weight in grapes when they deliver..but those who take care..will have the better quality. Also..he showed me a grape they use to make the colour better..'Färb Trauben..roughly means 'coloured grape'.They add a very small quantity. oddity...a couple of 'Ruländer'(Pinot Gris) vines right in the middle of all the Spätburgunder. Down to a mishap years ago by the planter.


Starts out with the Inn..then a walk around the beautiful countryside..a scary wind high on the hill and a visit to the Winzergenossenschaft in Waldulm.


Joe said...

Nothing wrong with returning to a gem - nothing worse than a bad vacation when you really need a good one. I have seen that Quorum on many occasions - I had no idea it was made by a consortium of top producers - next time I won't walk past that one - I am enjoying Barbera these days. That Pichler is terrific, nice choice. Pretty good score for a Zweigelt! Try the Catena instead of the Yacochuya - those are the best Argentinian Malbec bottlings, in my opinion. Videos not working...
Cheers, and welcome back.

Barry said...

Thanks for the tip Joe..I have another link added for the videos..that's another bottle of white I owe you...
I'll look out for the Catena..hope M. Rolland made a detour...
The 'other' in my cellar..must be awesome....
I had the chance of another Umuthum wine...he has an excellent reputation
Next time maybe...