Monday, October 13, 2008

Sleek, Slank and Still Sexy

Baden-Württemberg is the 'county' in Germany. The wine areas are however, seperate. I recently asked a restaurant owner in Baden if he had any wines from Württemberg on his winelist. He didn't exactly snarl...but a quick shake of the head..and as I laughed...there followed from him a wry smile.
'They may have good wines..but'....
Easy to finish the sentence. This could also take place in Beaune...ask a Burgundian restauranteur if he has a good Bordeaux list..then try to get out alive.
The 'but' in question is followed by 'we have enough good wines here in Baden..why should we look elsewhere in Germany'. No doubt the situation happens in Württemberg. Both areas proud of their OWN wines.
Not far apart from each other..the styles are, however, slightly different.
Wöhrwag Pinot Noir 2005
Württemberg, Germany
Cherry, raspberry nose...very attractive and not negative..was a burnt wood aroma...beguiling smell. The taste is even more intense...a georgeous 'juice' gets the tongue rolling round the palate. As I mentioned..these wines have a style of their own..sleeker is maybe the right word...and soft dusty tannins just add to it's charm.
Points 17.5

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