Monday, October 06, 2008

Rouge et Blanc

Fish for dinner..with beetroot
and potato it only
here in Germany..but beetroot
is very 'in'..
not very photogenic though!!!

Blanc de Roc d'Anglade 2005
Remy Pedrano,
Anglade, France
Back in the days...the choices were over-oaked Chardonnay or teeth-breaking acidic Rieslings. Thankfully those days are 'almost' over. I tended to look to South France..and the quality there has increased..reds of course..but there are some interesting whites..with real character.This is a vineyard near to Nimes...Chenin Blanc (grape grown mainly in the Loire) & Grenache Blanc..

It spends it's youth in used oak barrels..and I should really leave it a while..but...

This has taken big steps since I last tried it..even after opening..very classy...
medium yellow..loads of stone & mineral aromas.. quite full-bodied...soft acidity with the gentle fruit of the Chenin Blanc...soft texture with a freshness...lovely long finish..plenty of character....decant if you have time...I drank the rest next I said..needs airing..delicious..leave it alone Barry...this will get even better.
Points 17 .25

Bernard Gripa St Jospeh Rouge 2005
Rhone, France
Sweet, plush, forward fruit..
finesse....easy, supple & soft..I would like a bit more bite though..a touch more grip...don't wanna fall asleep while drinking my reds...
Points 16


Edward said...

I bought some (beets) yesterday, but I think I'm the only one in the family who enjoyes them. . .

Joe said...

Must be a cultural thing Ed - we have beet soup for Christmas every year - the family humours me by sipping a spoonful in my honour