Sunday, August 10, 2008

Two Whites Don't Make A Wong

Alexander Laible Weißer Burgunder 2007
Durbach, Baden, Germany
I am not a great lover of Weissburgunder..altho recently..I have had a couple of real 'goodies'.
Alexander Laible...son of Andreas Laible.. and who..along with his brother Andreas Junior..has been helping make the family concern one of the top stars for Riesling in Baden.

By coincidence..Alexander saw an empty bakery and, on the spur of the moment, decided to do it..and start making wine in his own name. His first
vintage 2006 earned him accolades...and signs of a good future.
I bought 3 Rieslings and this Weißer Burgunder....which was showing it's baby-fat on opening..still slightly fizzy, ordinary sweet fruit...but had filled out next day...showing good middle fruit and a nice balance. That's a good note from me..not being a BIG lover of this grape. Started with day...
Points 16

Domaine Le Pas de L'Escalette
Les Clapas Blanc 2005

Languedoc, France
The 'clapas' are drystone walls surrounding the vineyards.Julien Zernott is the winemaker at the exceptional Domaine Henry Pellé in Menetou-Salon, so he knows about good wines.
No 'bulky-hit ya in one' wine have to be prepared for these southern whites.
Made to make you work..and you usually are rewarded.
Elegant..finesse...a subtle mix of Carignan and Terret Bourret. You can get a touch of sweet oak in among all those minerals that exude from the glass.The wine is aged half in vat and half in wood. While you get a fresh young feeling...this has a lot of character and should age for a couple of years.
Points 16.5
Two Whites to keep me away from the TV..watching the 'modern' Olympics in 'Mr.Wong' China...full of professionals and drugs....the good old days comes to mind....when only 'amateurs' were allowed..and your drug was maybe a quick smoke after training...


Joe said...

You should try the Donnhoff Weissburgunder, very impressive. As for the athletes, the testing just got better, the drugged up cheaters remain the same. If it weren't for those divers not sure I would care if the Olympics were on ;)

Barry said...

Tried Dönnhoff..

June 27 2008...Call me Don..was good..
You missed it...were not doubt chopping wood in a forest in Northern Canada.
You need to concentrate your old age...