Monday, August 04, 2008

Mr Pape and Days Gone By.

Twenty years ago..I was drinking various bottles of Chateauneuf-du-Pape..mainly the excellent 1978 vintage..what a treasure they were..and still undiscovered..price-wise also very reasonable. All the legendary names were tried..old sweet smelling wines..that sounds unattractive..but it wasn't. Times have changed, of course, the wines nowadays are BIGGER..MODERN...and generally over-priced. The of the best (Pegau and a few others would contest this statement)..was Beaucastel. The whites close up after a couple of years..and the reds are similar..get them in their blooming youth..otherwise..hibernation time before they sprout again.

Chateau de Beaucastel 1994
Rhone, France
Pape colour...medium ruby with orange-brown rim..this certainly looks good...first whiff..mouldy old aroma which disappeared with a few swirls...funky nose....a real melange of all things animal...some peppers, plums..leathery saddle..earthy. Now..this has developed quicker than expected..and has a 'lighter' style than most..tannins are soft and brittle and integrated..a palate of currants..some dark truffle..meaty...and a good finish. It all sounds very good..and it is..BUT..this is not a GREAT wine for Beaucastel. Certainly ready now....
Points 17.25

Have decided..older wines get an older looking 'Font'

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Edward said...


I need to learn some of your patience. I tend to drink everything (except my cabernet based wines) within 3-4 years now. . .

The wines of CndP are certainly getting more expensive - but just still just within in my reach.