Monday, August 04, 2008

Peace Brother Peace

Once you have had the best...everything matter how hard it tries...just doesn't make it. We discovered a Chinese Restaurant about 10 years ago..they closed after two years..and since then..a vacuum...nothing compares.
My first Sauvignon Blanc was probably a it was all that was available back then.
New World wines brought a wide variety of the grape..mainly the sweaty armpit - overdone gooseberry style.I took a step back ( would..wouldn't you) and took my interest elsewhere. About 7 years ago I heard of an Italian grower Vie di Romans..he made two styles of Sauvignon in wood..the other in steel. Both were a revelation...but Mr Steel came out on top. I have not drank enough of it since..last one was HERE..but I do still have one 2004 in my cellar.This is the benchmark for me.

Ataraxia 2006
Kevin Grant

Western Cape, South Africa
Layed back gooseberry aroma..which made this instantly a asparagus, which as you know,I love...ripe teeth-clenching stuff...just a touch of lemon...soft and grassy..the acidity binds the creaminess well..exotic juices..not the TOP..but agreeable SB.
To be honest..I
forgot what this had cost...10 really very good for the price.

"The term Ataraxia is used to describe emotional tranquillity, or in more expanded terms, the freedom from disturbance that characterises a balanced mind and constitutes its first step towards the achievement of pleasure, the Greek word for which is hêdonê, from which we get the English word, hedonism. It’s really about conveying the very essence of what drinking good wine does for and to us as human beings."

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Peter said...

you should really try the Chardonnay. It is soo good that I decided to name our boat after it.