Saturday, August 16, 2008

Itchy Twitchy Feeling

I don't give up easily...if at first you don't
succeed......try another bottle!'s not right.
If at first you don't on it..try it again later...maybe tomorrow..maybe next's no good either...instead of being a 'Wino'..I'd become a 'Vinegaro'. Where am I going with this? the case of the wine below...nowhere at the moment.

Peter Jakob Kühn
Riesling Landgeflecht trocken 2007

Rheingau, Germany

Small 'pearly' bubbles in a glass of medium yellow...the recent young Rieslings have shown this at need to get twitchy!....first sip....light 'Prosecco'...oops...first twitch. Left it till next day...a little more OK aperitif at the moment. If you want only get stalks at the moment....a bunch of Roses in a year or two? € 19.....I need more convincing. It needs fattening of those Riesling that I find difficult to appraise when in it's youth. The name and vineyard suggest it MUST get better than this...
Points 14.5

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