Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Doolally Barry

Hang on you say...Barry has gone doolally..
drinking the same wine again..and
posting it.
Well..you blind fool..take another look....same background (flowers for our anniversary) and a different glass..AND..a different wine. How could you ever doubt me?
Am I drinking too much Spätburgunder? Maybe....but it all tastes so good.
AND..if it's not broken..don't mend it. Maybe I should start drinking more Syrah(Shiraz) from Australia or Cabernet Franc from the Loire...I may then still smile..but not have the big grin I get when trying MY grape. The best kept secret...not really...but thankfully the rest of the world only get a small
proportion of German reds....so.. I have DEDICATED myself to tasting them..and passing on the information. That's my excuse JOE..and I'm sticking to it.
Back from the dentists..the choppers working fine...I had the suckling-pig again..which always tastes better next day...it obviously needs 'airing' like many reds. As promised (as Annette Snell sang..'Promises Should Never Be Broken')..I opened the top of the range 'S' from Meyer-Näkel.
Spätburgunder 'S' trocken 2005

Ahr, Germany
As is usually the case..in younger vintages..the 'lesser' wines shows better.
This is tighter than the Blauschiefer...dark cherries...mushrooms..and what I always seem to smell and taste in good Spätburgunder..a sort of soft marzipan...... a trace of hidden vanilla...decent acidity..and as it opened..a soft, even velvety mouthful....quite concentrated..and fine finish. It overtook it's sibling as the bottle emptied with ease (still a glassful there if anyone wants it).
Points 17.75


Joe said...

Spatburguner again?!

Is there something to the "S" moniker - seen that on other German wines, wondering if that was a standardized thing...

Barry said...

Hi Joe...'S' could have read 'R' or 'D' or even 'X'...just a sign that it is a top selection...similar to *** I guess....Meyer-Näkel also have a 'G'

And yes...another Spätburgunder...
you need someone to show you the way...