Thursday, August 07, 2008

Purple People Eater

A day ago.. I had lunch with relatives and friends....The host gave me a glass of red..I guessed at New World 'Bordeaux'..the wine on offer was a South African Cuvée..
Springfield Estate 'A Work Of Time' 2001
Robertson was 40% Merlot, 38% Cabernet Sauvignon and 22% Cabernet Franc. Asked what I thought..I said a really nice glass...deep crimson colour..ripe blackberry fruit..very up-front and acceptable for all drinkers. A second glass, however, was becoming boring. will win tastings (one please)..and was around € 14,-- a decent wine for that price.

A mixed case of wines arrived... I had asked the merchant to pop in one bottle of his choice in red..up to € 25,--The bottle below arrived..he hadn't taken advantage..this cost € 14.50
Olivier Pithon 'La Coulée' 2005

Côtes du Roussillon, France
A wine from Carignan, Mouvedre and Cinsault grapes.
Deep deep colour with 'Purple People Eater' rim...after a few sips of will scare the baby if you smile...
Imagine crushed red and black berries in a bowl..sat out in the get all this in the bouquet (or was it the sun playing tricks on my senses)... you don't notice the alcohol...this is full of flavour..but no textured..ripe fruits, spicy.....'funky' fruit..and the tannins hanging in there at the finish...a great food wine..but also a pleasure on it's own. This is what the French do well...particularly in the south...
Points 17

Purple People Eater

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