Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday Again!

After last Sunday's gem...coincidence has it that I have the same grower this Sunday. Maybe I should always drink Au Bon Climat on the sabbath...there are worse habits! Jim Clendenen is a would think it easier to just produce 2 or 3 wines to ensure quality. No way...his range of Pinot Noir is extensive...each one with it's own style & character..each one a personal adventure for the drinker. Two of his top range wines are named after his children. Isabelle Morgan (his daughter)) was impressive..and as to be expected..this Knox Alexander (son) is also very good indeed.

Au Bon Climat 'Knox Alexander'

Pinot Noir 2004 Santa Maria Valley,
California, U.S.A.

Think Bordeaux..and you wouldn't be far away...if I hadn't known what was in the glass..I would have aimed to St. vanilla tones..nice grippy tannins...firm fruit...spices.. approachable..and as it grew in the glass (and was left overnight) became more Pinot in style..energetic and soft all in one...some liquorice lingered on the palate..raspberry..needs a couple of years still...another success for Jimbo.

Points 17.75+

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Joe said...

By the way, there are number of good makers in Santa Maria Valley - take a look around...