Monday, May 19, 2008

Heaven On Earth.....Again

At short notice we had added a day to our trip...5 days this time..and had to spend the first night in a smaller room as our usual one was occupied. As 'Gasthof zum Rebstock' is usually closed on Mondays we had booked a table for dinner elsewhere.It was only after we arrived that the staff said they would be open as it was a national holiday. We did have a light lunch tho..on the terrace..more of that later....
We ordered a taxi to take us from Kappelrodeck-Waldulm
to Sasbachwalden(the Waldulm is important as we know some people who relied on their car navigation system..and ended up in the wrong place...there is a Rebstock in every second village!!!) ...outside waiting was a bus!...enough for 20 people...the owner was driving and explained she had just taken a group somewhere and wouldn't have got to us in time if she had changed cars. Arriving at Restaurant Fallert..the staff must have had a shock as well...but only two people appeared...
Hotel Talmühle.. with Restaurant Fallert has a large garden area but a light breeze kept us in the main room.
During the evening
we had been informed they had received a star in Michelin. The food was good..the lady serving us very friendly...

A young waitress..away from her 'safe' serving area...saw that my wife had finished a course...and although I was still eating..happily removed the plate...we both smiled..but very much a no-no in a one-star establishment.
Martin Wassmer Spätburgunder
SW Schlatter 2002

Baden, Germany
Medium deep...a nose that says WOW as it jumps from the glass..smoky, a bag of red typical Pinot..touch of oak..this all leads into a similar
flavour...fine oak again..but well integrated..with some minerals and spices...perfect now.
Points 18

Next day..a lazy one..just chilled out...the change of rooms took 15 minutes.

The biggest surprise was the new garden terrace.

The weather was great so Tuesday evening gave us the chance to sit outside again. It had been 2 months of building...but was taking shape..and as the sun was was decided to use it. Marvelous to sit outside with the evening sun going down..better choose a good wine. Hardly a the list is superb..and I have a copy permanently in our room!
On a table next to us were a pair..well..let's say they were two people. From what we heard...and man...did we hear a lot..they had lived together..were probably now separated..and spent the whole evening discussing money, houses and family. Annoying..but the funniest part was the woman talking..and her husband opened a large newspaper and started to read it...the woman continued to talk.. but threw in an 'Hello'....Hello'.. in the hope he would be listening. Funny, sad and irritating. Luckily they left before the main course or I would have taken my chair and joined them in order not to miss
ANYTHING they said.

Bernhard Huber
Hecklinger Schlossberg *R' Reserve
Spätburgunder Grosses Gewächs
Baden, Germany
Vines grown on similar 'terroir' to the Côte de Beaune in Burgundy.
Cranberry, smoke and cherries.. warm and full..with a softness but still with firm fruit, superbly balanced, long long finish...the vintage is perfect for this wine....will age beautifully..but very approachable now.
Points 18+

Next day we spent primarily in Offenburg..stopped off at Durbach to
buy some wines..bought some 2007 Spätburgunder from Männle...7 months ago I was admiring the grape on the vine...and
2. play my wife at mini golf!

Weather was gorgeous..


Across the fields as we sat outside on the terrace..was a farmer..cutting his grass with an electric saw...took about an hour..all dentist haters would understand...the sight of a fire meant peace to the eaters...
The sky was clear..except for a few of which reminded me of New Zealand...

Bernhard Huber Hecklinger Schlossberg
Chardonnay trocken 2005
Baden, Germany
Drinking a whole bottle alone in a restaurant..means Spätburgunder or Pinot Noir for me..alcoholic fruit bombs or tannin terrors are meant to share with friends. We sat outside again..and so I decided on a white....but to be honest..I generally get bored after a half bottle..and crave for red....
Made from 40-year old vines..the oldest German Chardonnay vineyard...the previous elderly pair..thought the vines were Weissburgunder. Bernard Huber bought the property..and discovered the correct grape...and this was confirmed by the Freiburger Wine Institute.
Yellow gold...light oaky aroma..minerals with rich Chardonnay fruit..citrus....but for me..just a touch too much rest oak on the palate at the moment...give it a year or two..and it may be worth the proclamation..
'Best German Chardonnay 2005!'
Points 17.5... but with more to come

The third day we planned to drive to Freiburg..stay for a short while....then to some vineyards in the Kaiserstühl area....Freiburg took all day...they have a superb market..and an old town with TOO many shops to interest a wife! time for Kaiserstühl.
We had a storm on the way was dry back 'home'..but too cool for the we ate in the main restaurant.

R & C
Schneider Spätburgunder 2005
'Parzelle Schönenberg'
Baden, Germany
Brick red with a brownish rim...tight strawberry fruit..opened quickly....full....lovely aroma streams from the gets the impression this is SO soft..but there are dry brittle tannins...this will age as well..but why wait..2005 is a terrific vintage..and it slipped down a treat. The Burgundians should be wary....
Points 18.25

The last day..and the weather was warm with a slight breeze..we walked the vineyards at the back of the Hotel..and into the forest...

We started the evening in the restaurant as a few drops of rain appeared but it halfway through the meal..we were on the terrace again....

Bernhard Huber Wildenstein Spätburgunder 'Reserve'2004
Baden, Germany
I almost tried this 6 months ago..but the vintage and Huber style stopped me..would have been infantile....decided to give it a go now....if you don't buy a don't win a raffle...
'Wildenstein' is a small parcel of vines in the 'Bienenberg' vineyard.
Burnt ripe cherries...minerals to the fore..very fruit driven but with a massive firm backbone that masks it again and again...musty tannins..power gotta work hard at the moment..and the vintage is not sympathetic. Will age for a decade..but should be better in 3-4 years.
Points doubt a point more with time..

As always...a wonderful stay..great food...very friendly staff..ain't life wonderful?

If you have the time..a short's no Hitchcock movie.....just some film I took.
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